# What is Just Tell Me Why?

Just Tell Me Why is a Web platform for debates. These debates are in form of dichotomies, “contrasting”, “opposing” questions.

"When a question has two possible answers we call it Dichotomy"

There are 3781 reasons in a total of 419 dichotomies. An average of 9 reasons for dichotomy.

# Remember

  1. There´s not a straightforward voting, you vote with an argument, with your opinion,
  2. it can be anonymous, unless you want to say who you are!
  3. it´s very easy to differentiate the opposites opinions, they are separated in columns,
  4. you are who post the opinions and the debates,
  5. and of course: it's free. Enjoy it!

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There are many ways to follow JustTellMeWhy. You may follow me in Twitter where I tweet every new debate and many other interesting links.

You can subscribe to the feed to receive either in your RSS Reader the last debates and/or subscribe to the last reasons. If you are only interested in a category please click on the RSS link:

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    # Top 5 debates:

    1. Yes, I would sell my soul to the devil (491) from the debate: Would you sell your soul to the devil?
    2. I hate Facebook (230) from the debate: Facebook Lovers vs. Facebook Haters
    3. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop (118) from the debate: Legends and Kings: Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley
    4. The worst free e-mail service provider is... (110) from the debate: The best and the worst free e-mail service provider
    5. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll (89) from the debate: Legends and Kings: Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley

    # What do others say about Just Tell Me Why?

    There have been too many Spanish reviews in blogs and press because the original site, pqpq.es is Spanish, like me.

    JustTellMeWhy was nominated for the BOBs Awards 2008 as Best Weblog in English. Since I am Spanish I guess native English speakers will explain much better.

    Reed, the webmaster for a Lion King Tickets Resource Site which includes information about Lion King tickets for Broadway wrote this review:

    Justtellmewhy.com – The Next Generation In International Debate!

    Justtellmewhy.com isn’t just another social networking website. In many ways, it’s the next big step in online communication and learning. It essentially has taken elements from concepts like Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers and Digg and brought them together to make an exciting new forum. The site offers everyone a place to discuss and debate absolutely everything on the planet!

    How It Works

    Justtellmewhy.com encourages the users to post dichotomies, or questions for open debate. Some popular topics have included debates on Firefox Vs IE and whether abortion should be legalized or not. Some of the topics are just for fun, others are more serious. Anyone can post their opinion- all they need to do is choose one of the options, A or B. You also need to explain the reason for your vote. What makes Justtellmewhy.com so easy to use is that you don’t have to be a registered user to post your opinion. The user does not even have to provide an email address- they simply have to provide a reason for their vote.

    The uses of Justtellmewhy.com are pretty far-reaching. For instance, let’s say that you’re struggling with some issues at work. You can’t ask anyone around you for advice and you’d like an unbiased opinion about your situation. By posting your general query on the site, you’ll be able to gauge opinions from right around the world. You’ll be able to read different points of view, ultimately making it easier for you to come to a decision.

    A KillerStartup

    This site is an online resource where questions are posted and duly commented upon by site users, creating something akin to a network of connoisseurs and people who wish to volunteer their opinions for the benefit of site users.

    Of course, it is possible to suggest your very own dichotomies to be commented upon by the online community.

    All in all, this site stands as an interesting resource that will let everybody have a better understanding of the things that matter to them by interacting with others over the web.

    This original website it´s been developed entirely by WordPress. The credit go for Cristian Eslava, a Spanish designer and trainer.