419 Dichotomies | These are about Society | Suggest yours

# Society

  1. Chemical castration
  2. Your home is where you live or where you were born?
  3. Do you believe in the Zeitgeist Movement?
  4. Psychology: Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Cognitivism or Humanism
  5. Would you ever have a relationship based primarily on money?
  6. Are "The International Days Of" any useful?
  7. Boring/Passive job vs. Stressful/Creative job
  8. Is Technology Good for Children?
  9. Should be a reducing traffic limitation in major cities?
  10. Casual sex vs. Relationships
  11. How do you pay? Cash vs. Cards
  12. Is Hong Kong teaching English properly?
  13. Are you superstitious?
  14. Have you ever paid for sex?
  15. Should Cigarettes Be Illegal?
  16. Could you ever kill anyone?
  17. Should full-face Islamic veils as burka be banned in public?
  18. Do women and men have equal treatment in our current societies?
  19. What is the best way to connect to your customers?
  20. Should product placement be allowed or banned?
  21. Will social media eradicate corporate hierarchies?
  22. Do You Have Private Health Insurance?
  23. Do you love your job?
  24. Are you willing to be vaccinated against influenza A/H1N1?
  25. Do you agree with the domestication of exotic animals?
  26. Should parental leave be longer?
  27. Does the end justify the means?
  28. Would you practice nudism or naturism?
  29. Are you in favor or against the surveillance cameras installed in public places?
  30. Suicide: A coward's act or A brave's act?
  31. Are you a good father / mother ?
  32. Jury Trial vs. Court Trial
  33. Enforcing the laws controlling immigration vs. Relaxing the laws controlling immigration
  34. Is global warming chiefly caused by humans or by natural phenomenon?
  35. Should marijuana be legalized?
  36. Do you agree with animal experimentation for human purposes?
  37. Telework vs. Central Work
  38. Pro or against Life imprisonment
  39. Should Prison sentences be served in full?
  40. Globalization vs. Anti-globalization
  41. Giving tips vs. Not giving tips
  42. Do people respect traffic rules where you live?
  43. Should homosexuals have adoption rights?
  44. Parenthood vs. No children
  45. Are people good or bad by nature?
  46. Environmental protection vs. Private property rights
  47. Family vs. Friends
  48. Is our money safe in a bank?
  49. Should we give money to beggars?
  50. Public Health vs. Private Health Insurance
  51. Is there a perfect crime?
  52. The Right to privacy for those who sell their lives
  53. Is slapping a legitimate form of discipline?
  54. Nepotism: Will you accept a job you´re not qualified?
  55. Will all oil disappear?
  56. Has the economic crisis affected you?
  57. Human being vs. Machine
  58. Marriage: Joint or Separate Finances?
  59. Recycling vs. Not Recycling
  60. Rest in peace: Cremation vs. Burial
  61. Do you share household chores?
  62. Will you donate your organs after death?
  63. Teamwork vs. Work alone
  64. Do we complain too much or not enough?
  65. Traditional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine
  66. Is it possible the Family Conciliation?
  67. What would you do if you found drugs in your luggage?
  68. I have a bad boss vs. I have a good boss
  69. Will the Josef Fritzl's family overcome their ordeal?
  70. Same-sex marriage | Allow or ban
  71. Human clonation | Agree or disagree
  72. Is an Affirmative action fair or unfair?
  73. Sex offenders´ identity ¿public or private?
  74. Euthanasia | Pro or against?
  75. Death Penalty | Pro or against?
  76. The cruelest genocide | Hitler or Stalin?
  77. Abortion | Legal or illegal?