There are topics from Technology and Design, Lifestyle, Entertainments, Politics, Society... Every dichotomy has the same characteristic, there are two choices, A or B, one or the other. Your choice must be reasoned, you have to say why you choose one from the other. Registration is not required, you do not have to tell me your name, website or e-mail, just tell me why.

I recommend you visit this page, Dichotomies, to explore all the published dichotomies. You can discuss other people´s arguments by pointing at the #number of the other column, this way we encourage discussion to get the best debates for every topic.

It is also a way to make the right decision: when you are not sure about something, you can read what others think about it.

There will be also funny debates, topics just for fun and for entertainment where there won´t be strong arguments but just sympathy or even fanaticism.

Suggest a dichotomy

I hope you enjoy the discussion and make your point in a civilized way because justtellmewhy.com is not responsible in any way of the contents written by the users.

The end purpose is that the users create their own dichotomies, so please suggest. It´s as simple as sending me your dichotomy via the contact page.


Just tell me why is a web service 2.0. It is an hybrid between a social bookmarker, a blog and a forum. It is based on dichotomies, debates: subjects with a clear division of opinions. Each user states their opinion on the two choices. A survey with arguments. Dichotomies are resolved by the majority.


The credits go for Cristian Eslava, a spanish designer and trainer. Every single suggestion is welcome. I also apologize if there are some misspelling or grammatical mistakes. Please let me know.

How to?

I have taken advantage from the flexibility of Wordpress, CSS and some JS and...

my useful English-Spanish Dictionary.


The spanish version pqpq.es was launched on the 24th of February of 2008. The english version was launched the 9th of March of 2008.

On the 27th of may of 2023, 15 years later, I redesigned pqpq and now they both use the same custom WordPress theme.

What for?

Just for fun, this project is an experiment, its success and future depends on your acceptance.


To whom?

For everybody. The topics are socials, about entertainment, about computers, design, internet, beauty, serious, trivials, politics, TV. For people who like arguing, defend their opinion, make a point, share their knowledge, just for everyone.

Press, contests and Media

Blogs and Press: Microsiervos, Genbeta, blogoff, wwwhatsnew, etc.