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# Design

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver vs. Microsoft Expression Web
  2. Advertisement in Internet | Making Money with your blog
  3. Advertisement in Internet | Text-Link-Ads vs. LinkLift
  4. Apple Final Cut vs. Adobe Premiere
  5. Are creatives born or made?
  6. Best CAD Application | SolidWorks vs. Inventor
  7. Black-and-white Photography vs. Color Photography
  8. Corel vs. Adobe
  9. Do you use Photoshop CS3 or an older version?
  10. External links | Open in a new window vs. same window
  11. Flash vs. Ajax
  12. Flash vs. HTML 5
  13. Is design art?
  14. Javascript framework: Dojo, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype
  15. Organic design vs. Geometric design
  16. Painting vs. Photography
  17. Pen tablets vs. Mouse
  18. Photoshop or Gimp?
  19. Should the models be retouched by Photoshop?
  20. Should Web Designers Code?
  21. Text alignment: Left vs. Justified
  22. The best CMS. WP or Joomla?
  23. Vector Design 2D: Bezier Curves vs. Spiro Curves
  24. Web Design | XHTML or Flash
  25. Web Designers vs. Web Developers
  26. Web Graphics | Photoshop vs. Fireworks
  27. Web Typography Measurements – Ems versus Pixels
  28. Will you update to Adobe CS4?

# Internet

  1. Are you Addicted to the Internet?
  2. Bloggers are frustrated writers / journalists?
  3. Buy original CD´s vs. Download free music
  4. Chat vs. Instant Messaging vs. Social Network vs. Forum
  5. Copyright: Viacom vs. YouTube
  6. Do you buy via Internet?
  7. Do you cite the author when you share something?
  8. Do you click on Ads?
  9. Do you delete your useless Internet accounts?
  10. Do you have a blog?
  11. Do you have a digital certificate?
  12. Do you like Pinterest?
  13. Do you prefer Twitter over RSS?
  14. Do you share your photos on Facebook or on Flickr?
  15. Do you use the Share & Tell a Friend buttons?
  16. Do you use Webcams?
  17. Does Operation Chokehold make sense?
  18. Does the Internet Make You Dumber or Smarter?
  19. Facebook Lovers vs. Facebook Haters
  20. Facebook vs. Google+
  21. Good morning, twitter: polite netiquette or unnecessary showing off?
  22. Google Blog Search vs. Technorati
  23. Google Buzz vs. Twitter
  24. Google Friend Connect vs. Facebook Connnect
  25. Google vs. Yellow Pages
  26. Google+ Brand Pages vs. Facebook Fan Pages
  27. Have social networks blurred the lines of our privacy?
  28. iCloud vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Microsoft SkyDrive
  29. Is it Safe to Post Photos of Children Online?
  30. Is LeWeb worth it?
  31. Is the Web dead?
  32. Is there a European blogosphere?
  33. Micro Blogging: Tumblr vs. Twitter
  34. Microsoft's Bing vs. Google
  35. Must Google pay an Internet toll?
  36. Should Bloggers give up blogging?
  37. Should Blogs Have Comments?
  38. Should Google close Chinese Search Engine?
  39. Should internet commentators use their real names?
  40. Should Wikipedia just accept ads already?
  41. Social Networks | Twitter or Facebook?
  42. Spotify vs. Grooveshark
  43. Tumblr vs. Posterous
  44. Twitter vs. Google Plus
  45. Twitter: Retweets vs. #FollowFriday
  46. Vimeo vs. YouTube
  47. Web design | External links Dofollow vs. Nofollow
  48. WhatsApp vs LINE
  49. Will Google shut down FeedBurner?
  50. WordPress.com vs. Blogger.com
  51. Would you use a @facebook.com instead of your current email account?
  52. Xing vs. LinkedIn

# Lifestyle | Entertainment

  1. "Lord of the Rings" vs. "Star Wars"
  2. A nativity scene vs. The Christmas tree
  3. Animated sitcoms | The Simpsons vs. Family Guy
  4. BBA Vs. B.COM
  5. Beach vs. Swimming pool
  6. Best ever film | Casablanca or Citizen Kane?
  7. Best James Bond 007 | Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore
  8. Billiards vs. Pool
  9. Burger King vs. McDonald’s
  10. Burguer vs. Hot Dog
  11. Can people change?
  12. Can you be "friends" after dating?
  13. Carnival vs. Halloween
  14. Christmas Eve vs. New Year's Eve
  15. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi
  16. Coffee vs. Tea
  17. Comics: DC (Superman) vs. Marvel (Spiderman)
  18. Darwin (Evolution) vs. The Bible (Creation)
  19. Day vs. Nigth
  20. Déjà vu: Precognition or an anomaly of memory?
  21. Destiny is already written vs. I write my own destiny
  22. Did you enjoy your last holidays?
  23. Did you like the "Lost" finale?
  24. Did you like your Christmas Gift?
  25. Diet clothes | Rental vs. purchasing
  26. Do you believe in ghosts?
  27. Do you believe in horoscopes?
  28. Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?
  29. Do you believe in Prophets?
  30. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  31. Do you believe in Telepathy?
  32. Do You Believe in Time Travel?
  33. Do you celebrate Saint Valentine´s Day?
  34. Do you celebrate your birthday?
  35. Do You Ever Finish Anything?
  36. Do you get along with your Ex?
  37. Do you lie about your age?
  38. Do you like Christmas?
  39. Do you like cooking?
  40. Do you like Modays?
  41. Do you like reading books?
  42. Do you like talking on the phone?
  43. Do you like the makeup look?
  44. Do you like the reality television show "Big Brother"?
  45. Do you like your neighbourhood?
  46. Do you love the Eurovision Song Contest or hate it?
  47. Do you prefer working from home or from an office?
  48. Do you read manuals?
  49. Do you regret something you did?
  50. Do you sing in the shower?
  51. Do you surf the net on the toilet?
  52. Do you take photos in places were you are not allowed to?
  53. Do you tell the truth in polls?
  54. Do you think sexy ads will increase sales of chocolate?
  55. Do you think Sports is a transparent business?
  56. Does love have an age?
  57. Dolls: Barbie vs. Bratz
  58. Doughnut vs. Croissant
  59. Downloadable or printable sheet music?
  60. Easter (Holy Week) traditions: Paganism vs. religion
  61. Eating in vs. Eating out
  62. Electric guitar vs. Acoustic guitar
  63. Faithfulness vs. Unfaithfulness
  64. Favorite character from Sex and the City
  65. Favorite Desperate Housewives Characters
  66. Figurative art vs. Abstract art
  67. Futurama vs. The Simpsons
  68. Go Shooping | Do you love it or you just hate it?
  69. Grunge: Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam
  70. Handcraft vs. Productivity
  71. Happiness vs. Unhappiness
  72. Harrison Ford | Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones
  73. Have you ever used a Cheat Sheet in school?
  74. Homer Simpson: Beer vs. Donut
  75. I think, therefore I am vs. I am, therefore I think
  76. If time travel were possible, would you like to time travel to the past or to the future?
  77. Indoor Sports vs. Outdoor Sports
  78. Is there something beyond death?
  79. JRR Tolkien vs. JK Rowling
  80. Legends and Kings: Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley
  81. Lost: Jack vs. Sawyer
  82. Manga vs. American Comics
  83. Mathematics | I love Maths vs. I love Maths
  84. Men's underwear: Boxer vs. Briefs
  85. Millennium Series vs. Twilight Series
  86. Money, Love or Health?
  87. Mötley Crüe vs. Guns n’ Roses
  88. Movies
  89. Nike vs. Adidas
  90. Omnivore vs. Vegetarian
  91. Optimism vs. Pessimism
  92. Order vs. Chaos
  93. Packaging: Tetra Brik vs. Bottle
  94. Pajamas vs. Not pajamas
  95. Paris vs. New York
  96. Pets: Dogs vs. Cats
  97. Pocoyo vs. Caillou
  98. Print books vs. digital ebooks
  99. Reggaeton: Urban musical expression or Musical Shame?
  100. Relationships: Sex without love vs. Love without sex
  101. Religion: Are you free to do anything in the afterlife?
  102. Salty popcorn vs. Sweet popcorn
  103. Santa Claus vs. The Three Kings
  104. Sauna vs. Jacuzzi
  105. Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie
  106. Shakira vs Thalia
  107. Shaving: in the direction your hair grows or against?
  108. Sherlock Holmes vs. Hercule Poirot
  109. Smoking vs. Non-Smoking
  110. Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts vs. McCafé vs. Nespresso
  111. Sudoku vs Haiku
  112. Survivor vs. Big Brother
  113. The Amazing Race vs. Survivor
  114. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
  115. The Best of the Worst or The Worst of the Best
  116. The Erotic vs. The Pornographic
  117. The Office (UK) vs. The Office (US)
  118. To be or not to be?
  119. Traditional Cuisine vs. Creative Cuisine
  120. Tragedy or comedy?
  121. True Blood vs. Twilight
  122. UEFA Euro 2008 Germany vs. Spain European Championship
  123. Video game console: Xbox | Nintendo | Playstation | Wii
  124. Video Games: Diablo 1 (Blizzard) vs. Diablo: Hellfire (Sierra)
  125. Vinyl Disc Records vs. Compact Discs
  126. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  127. Who wear the trousers in your relationship?
  128. Will the moon affect the growth of one's hair?
  129. Wooden or metal furniture?
  130. Words or Numbers?
  131. Would you have sex with a stranger for $1000000?
  132. Would you like to know your date of death?
  133. Would you sell your soul to the devil?
  134. Yankees fan vs. Red Sox Nation
  135. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Strategy game or Satanic game?

# Politics

  1. Are we doing enough for Haiti?
  2. Are you Indignant?
  3. Capitalism vs. Communism
  4. Do we pay too high taxes?
  5. Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
  6. Dollar vs. Euro
  7. Gibraltar, British or Spanish?
  8. Has the Iran´s election been an electoral fraud?
  9. Honduras: Zelaya vs. Micheletti
  10. Is George Bush a War Criminal?
  11. Is the Army necessary?
  12. Maximum working week of 65 hours | Pro or against?
  13. Mexican Elections 2012: Peña Nieto vs. Marcelo Ebrard
  14. Negotiating with terrorists: Agree or disagree?
  15. Palestine | Jewish or arab?
  16. PEMEX (Petroleros Mexicanos) vs. SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública)
  17. Pro or against Fidel Castro
  18. Pro or against Nuclear Power
  19. Protectionism vs. Free trade
  20. Should politicians be active on social networks?
  21. Should the governments help banks?
  22. Should wages be linked to profits or to inflation?
  23. Should we all boycott Olympic Games in China?
  24. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)
  25. US Elections 2008 | Hillary or Obama?
  26. US Elections 2008 | John McCain vs. Barack Obama
  27. Where do you get your news? Traditional vs. New media
  28. WikiLeaks
  29. Will Obama change the world?
  30. Would you support a EU ban on the seal product trade?

# People

  1. George Walker Bush
  2. Julian Assange: Heore or Villain?
  3. Lady Gaga
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
  5. Obama
  6. Pastor Terry Jones
  7. Pope Benedict XVI
  8. Tom Cruise

# Society

  1. Abortion | Legal or illegal?
  2. Are "The International Days Of" any useful?
  3. Are people good or bad by nature?
  4. Are you a good father / mother ?
  5. Are you in favor or against the surveillance cameras installed in public places?
  6. Are you superstitious?
  7. Are you willing to be vaccinated against influenza A/H1N1?
  8. Boring/Passive job vs. Stressful/Creative job
  9. Casual sex vs. Relationships
  10. Chemical castration
  11. Could you ever kill anyone?
  12. Death Penalty | Pro or against?
  13. Do people respect traffic rules where you live?
  14. Do we complain too much or not enough?
  15. Do women and men have equal treatment in our current societies?
  16. Do you agree with animal experimentation for human purposes?
  17. Do you agree with the domestication of exotic animals?
  18. Do you believe in the Zeitgeist Movement?
  19. Do You Have Private Health Insurance?
  20. Do you love your job?
  21. Do you share household chores?
  22. Does the end justify the means?
  23. Enforcing the laws controlling immigration vs. Relaxing the laws controlling immigration
  24. Environmental protection vs. Private property rights
  25. Euthanasia | Pro or against?
  26. Family vs. Friends
  27. Giving tips vs. Not giving tips
  28. Globalization vs. Anti-globalization
  29. Has the economic crisis affected you?
  30. Have you ever paid for sex?
  31. How do you pay? Cash vs. Cards
  32. Human being vs. Machine
  33. Human clonation | Agree or disagree
  34. I have a bad boss vs. I have a good boss
  35. Is an Affirmative action fair or unfair?
  36. Is global warming chiefly caused by humans or by natural phenomenon?
  37. Is Hong Kong teaching English properly?
  38. Is it possible the Family Conciliation?
  39. Is our money safe in a bank?
  40. Is slapping a legitimate form of discipline?
  41. Is Technology Good for Children?
  42. Is there a perfect crime?
  43. Jury Trial vs. Court Trial
  44. Marriage: Joint or Separate Finances?
  45. Nepotism: Will you accept a job you´re not qualified?
  46. Parenthood vs. No children
  47. Pro or against Life imprisonment
  48. Psychology: Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Cognitivism or Humanism
  49. Public Health vs. Private Health Insurance
  50. Recycling vs. Not Recycling
  51. Rest in peace: Cremation vs. Burial
  52. Same-sex marriage | Allow or ban
  53. Sex offenders´ identity ¿public or private?
  54. Should be a reducing traffic limitation in major cities?
  55. Should Cigarettes Be Illegal?
  56. Should full-face Islamic veils as burka be banned in public?
  57. Should homosexuals have adoption rights?
  58. Should marijuana be legalized?
  59. Should parental leave be longer?
  60. Should Prison sentences be served in full?
  61. Should product placement be allowed or banned?
  62. Should we give money to beggars?
  63. Suicide: A coward's act or A brave's act?
  64. Teamwork vs. Work alone
  65. Telework vs. Central Work
  66. The cruelest genocide | Hitler or Stalin?
  67. The Right to privacy for those who sell their lives
  68. Traditional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine
  69. What is the best way to connect to your customers?
  70. What would you do if you found drugs in your luggage?
  71. Will all oil disappear?
  72. Will social media eradicate corporate hierarchies?
  73. Will the Josef Fritzl's family overcome their ordeal?
  74. Will you donate your organs after death?
  75. Would you ever have a relationship based primarily on money?
  76. Would you practice nudism or naturism?
  77. Your home is where you live or where you were born?

# Technology

  1. Android Tablet vs. Apple iPad
  2. Android vs. iOS
  3. App Store vs. Android Market
  4. Apple iPad Vs. Microsoft Surface
  5. Are you using the latest web browser version?
  6. Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs
  7. Browsers | IE-Firefox-Opera-Safari-Flock-Chrome
  8. Cloud Storage vs. Flash Storage
  9. Data compression: ZIP vs. RAR
  10. Do you support the Anti-IE6 campaign?
  11. Graphics Cards: ATI vs. nVidia
  12. iPad vs. eReader
  13. iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III
  14. iPhone vs. HTC
  15. iPod or iPhone
  16. Is your mobile your camera?
  17. Language: PHP | Python | Perl | Java | Ruby | ASP .NET
  18. Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers
  19. LCD vs. LED
  20. LCD vs. Plasma
  21. Linux: Gnome vs. KDE
  22. Mac vs. PC
  23. Microsoft Windows 7 vs. Mac Os X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  24. Office Suites: Microsoft Office vs. Google Docs vs. OpenOffice
  25. Open Source vs. Commercial Software
  26. OS | Windows or Linux?
  27. Technology: Do you love it or hate it?
  28. VoIP Phone Services vs. Traditional Phone Services
  29. Ways of learning | Book or Videotutorial?
  30. Web applications vs. Desktop applications
  31. What is your computer personality?
  32. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP
  33. Windows XP vs. Windows 7
  34. Wired vs. Wireless devices
  35. Would You Buy an iPad?
  36. Would you use GPS Tracking on your children?

# Tops | The best and the worst

  1. Top Movies
  2. Tops Design
  3. Tops Famous People
  4. Tops Internet
  5. Tops Lifestyle
  6. Tops Society
  7. Tops Sports
  8. Tops Technology

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