Is George Bush a War Criminal?

Suggested by Fred Grott: Two possible answers, Is George Bush a War Criminal? A great debate, no doubt.

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2 reasons for

Yes, George Bush is a War Criminal

Suggested by Fred Grott

  1. Chris opinó:

    Evading war crimes acts by calling “prisoners of war” “illegal enemy combatants” so that he is able to torture them? Definitely sounds like a war criminal. Also, a war based on nothing but aggression? Also sounds like a war criminal. Lying to the citizens in order to fund the war. Continuing the Military-Industrial Complex. All definitely sound like the acts of a war criminal.

  2. Juegos de inteligencia online [5] opinó:

    Killing people and sending thousands to get kill just for the business out of it. How many dictatorships are there on the world that he doesn’t “liberate” because it is not a money generator???

4 reasons for

No, George Bush is not a War Criminal

Suggested by Fred Grott

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    because he is American. By definition an American is someone who can do no wrong.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    there are not facts that prove that he’s done anything illegal

  3. Ali A [22] opinó:

    Sending thousands to fight with the risk of getting killed was his job. For whatever reason the country ended up going to war, there is no way to prove that if they didn’t there would have been more attacks on American soil so for now people should be grateful that the country has a higher level of security and other countries are fearful of attacking USA

  4. סקס opinó:

    GB will be remembered as the free world liberator.