419 Dichotomies | These are about Internet | Suggest yours

# Internet

  1. Have social networks blurred the lines of our privacy?
  2. Will Google shut down FeedBurner?
  3. WhatsApp vs LINE
  4. iCloud vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Microsoft SkyDrive
  5. Do you like Pinterest?
  6. Google+ Brand Pages vs. Facebook Fan Pages
  7. Is it Safe to Post Photos of Children Online?
  8. Twitter vs. Google Plus
  9. Facebook vs. Google+
  10. Do you have a digital certificate?
  11. Spotify vs. Grooveshark
  12. Tumblr vs. Posterous
  13. Do you share your photos on Facebook or on Flickr?
  14. Do you cite the author when you share something?
  15. Should Wikipedia just accept ads already?
  16. Would you use a @facebook.com instead of your current email account?
  17. Xing vs. LinkedIn
  18. Is the Web dead?
  19. Do you delete your useless Internet accounts?
  20. Copyright: Viacom vs. YouTube
  21. Does the Internet Make You Dumber or Smarter?
  22. Are you Addicted to the Internet?
  23. Twitter: Retweets vs. #FollowFriday
  24. Vimeo vs. YouTube
  25. Should internet commentators use their real names?
  26. Good morning, twitter: polite netiquette or unnecessary showing off?
  27. Should Google close Chinese Search Engine?
  28. Must Google pay an Internet toll?
  29. Google Buzz vs. Twitter
  30. Does Operation Chokehold make sense?
  31. Is LeWeb worth it?
  32. Is there a European blogosphere?
  33. Do you use the Share & Tell a Friend buttons?
  34. Do you have a blog?
  35. Microsoft's Bing vs. Google
  36. Bloggers are frustrated writers / journalists?
  37. Google vs. Yellow Pages
  38. Do you click on Ads?
  39. Do you prefer Twitter over RSS?
  40. Do you use Webcams?
  41. Buy original CD´s vs. Download free music
  42. Chat vs. Instant Messaging vs. Social Network vs. Forum
  43. Google Friend Connect vs. Facebook Connnect
  44. Facebook Lovers vs. Facebook Haters
  45. Do you buy via Internet?
  46. Micro Blogging: Tumblr vs. Twitter
  47. WordPress.com vs. Blogger.com
  48. Should Bloggers give up blogging?
  49. Should Blogs Have Comments?
  50. Google Blog Search vs. Technorati
  51. Web design | External links Dofollow vs. Nofollow
  52. Social Networks | Twitter or Facebook?