Social Networks | Twitter or Facebook?

Which one of these two is for you the best social network? Twitter or Facebook? Why?

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  1. P man pride [3] opinó:

    Why?becoz i know hw to use it nd u find m on my fb

  2. Michael opinó:

    Buggy as hell and I hate it, but friends and school administration uses it so I have to too.

  3. FB lovers opinó:

    what is Twitter? Facebook is the best…

  4. Jonathan Meager [37] opinó:

    Clear, concise and easy to use

  5. Kasumi [8] opinó:

    Facebook is good for business too. I currently help clients create business profile on Facebook which is good for lots of reasons including brand awareness and online visibility.

  6. dan [2] opinó:

    facebook is more interactive than twitter

  7. Starlet [1] opinó:

    Twitter is great but FaceBook offers so much more. I have got in touch with several old friends via facebook, I love to play the various games such as scrabulous and I spend hours looking through people’s photos.

  8. Naman Bagga opinó:

    Much better and more sophisticated

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  1. Anonymous opinó:

    on twitter you can twit about good or bad but on facebook only about your friends goodness or bedness

  2. Kasumi [8] opinó:

    Twitter is good for keeping followers up to date with your business and letting them know of any offers or promotions, whilst also letting them them see you are human too…