Bloggers are frustrated writers / journalists?

Do you think most bloggers think they can write but no publisher or editor takes them seriously? Are bloggers frustrated writers / journalists?

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4 reasons for

Yes, bloggers are frustrated writers / journalists

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    The same that designers are frustrated artits and photographers frustrated painters.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Love me! Validate me!

  3. סקס חריף [4] opinó:

    only bloggers read blogs, not real people

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Because they know they can’t write in proper english

5 reasons for

No, bloggers are NOT frustrated writers / journalists

  1. Pol50 [1] opinó:

    This was, let me be clear, our concession in mediation. ,

  2. His_wife76 [1] opinó:

    We do not know where on the line between enforced prudery and hanky-panky tolerance at work the morally correct policy lies, or even if it lies in different places for different work contexts. ,

  3. Denis [66] opinó:

    They are not.
    Some of them are, but why read them:)

  4. Tom opinó:

    Some people just want to write about stuff…and most of them are only doing it as an alternative to a diary…there’s something satisfying about seeing your writing on a screen, at least, that’s what I’ve found.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Bloggers are only people who can type.