Facebook Lovers vs. Facebook Haters

One of the biggest social networks: Facebook. Do you love Facebook or you just hate it?


I love Facebook

  1. koko [2] argued:

    shine si thu

  2. No Name [2] argued:

    cuz since we moved to this new country, I miss my cousins and my grams, she was always the most important person in my lyf and through facebook we can comunicate, share things… I luv it.

  3. richard [2] argued:

    i love facebook because you can sense who the real haters are , but the worse trouble causing ones are the ones who go into private chat and set people up

  4. psoriasis [1] argued:

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    It is the little changes that make the greatest changes.

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  5. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    we can share our feelings with our friends

  6. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Just love it

  7. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It helps me to get connected with people i know and also with people i dont know.It makes us social and is the easiest way to get connected to special someone.

  8. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    yeh mujhe sabse connect rakhta hai jo mujhse dur hai………….

  9. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  10. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because it,strong arms in democracy

  11. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    i make friends

  12. pralhad [1] argued:

    because it makes us closer among the different people in the world and i can know all about the recent activities about the whole world.

  13. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    i love facebook.

  14. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    cause we contact our old frens also by searching there name

  15. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    we can contact our old frens also by searching

  16. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    it helps me in every way

  17. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    you can talk to your haters and when u see them roll eyes fromface haha

  18. BlackRabbit [1] argued:

    really fun you could share your ideas to other people best way to connect to the people you know and play cool games!

  19. Dee S. [2] argued:


  20. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its really fun to talk to family about stuff you want them to know about but if u use facebook like a diary then that is stupid to do i dont use it as a toy so its really fun and cool

  21. karina [1] argued:

    Why? Dlaczego?

  22. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because all my frnd live on that

  23. freinds [1] argued:

    facebook is they only way I can talk to my freinds and family. Most of my family live on the othere side of the earth and my freinds are always busy. So facebook helps me to stay in touch with them. 🙂

  24. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It is easier to connect with friends, and i really like the games..when you are 15 like me stuck in the middle of the country and cant leave home often it is a place where i can have fun, and still stay connected with my friends until school

  25. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because It has computer game’s and you can with your friends on it it’s the why would quit the best social networking site in the world

  26. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I love it because not only it helps me keep in touch with my friends, but it also helps me find so many old friends that would have not been possible without facebook.

  27. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    there are many good or bad things in FB..

    but everybody have to accept it ” FB is fuckin great idea “

  28. Sarah [2] argued:

    I love the fact that it’s personal, and EVERYTHING connects to it now. Facebook is 5 times bigger than Google, and it meets a very strong basic human need to connect. Brilliant.

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  29. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because it entertains and fills my boring moments

  30. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because i have cousins and aunties and uncles in ameria and australlia and its a good way to conntact them and see how there doing its not like a can book a flight and go over there for 10 mins for a chat??

  31. Thanh Tran [1] argued:

    Bczauz u can c and met yur old friends in the past or connect with yur family r relatives from far distances….

  32. Ramón Suárez [15] argued:

    It allows me to know more about the people I care in an easy way, promoting communication and real life encounters. Nothing helps me keep in touch better

  33. dip [1] argued:

    It has become a part of my life.I hav resumed all my school,even childhood communication.i m on the way to propose my GF whom i hav got in facebook.iT S rEALLY A VIRTUAL SOCIETY WHICH IS WIDELY SPREDED THAN NORMAL SOCIETY.DATS ALL

  34. frozen [1] argued:

    bcoz it’s NOT boring like other websites


    bcoz you can chat while playing

  35. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    facebook is fail.

  36. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Facebook, at it’s core, is a reflection of society. It consists of individulized, unique personalities and the freedom to express their personas to the world. It epitomizes the struggle for the whole of Humanity to be connected or a part of something bigger than ourselves while retaining control as to the level one wishes to participate in the society they are a part of.

  37. Jonathan Meager [30] argued:

    Simple, safe and easy to us

  38. Rigo Vigil [14] argued:

    Best thing ever aside from the Internet.


I hate Facebook

  1. Lil [1] argued:

    I find that although it can be a convenient way to keep in touch with distant family or friends, a large portion of people who use it have issues. Social issues, personality issues, they run rampant on FB. It’s a platform that feeds into narcissism and encourages people to become self important, to pathological levels. It replaces relationships and interactions with ‘friends’ and ‘likes’. It’s totally plastic and separates people from people and meaningful relationships rather than brings them together. Rather than picking up the phone and calling a relative across the country, we just make a post and hope they see it. That’s not a relationship. People confuse FB posts and what is said on FB as important, as real life, and that creates a host of interpersonal problems. People forgetnhow to have a relationship without a screen in front of them. Life is not a series of pithy memes, selfies, and well-lit pics of what you had for dinner. And, like any Internet platform where people can talk to each other, it creates a sort of Internet bravery, where people can and do say things to each other that they’d (hopefully)never say in person. All in all it basically just separates and brings out the worst in people, and since the folks who are attracted to it often have social issues to begin with, not much good is being fostered here. Add that to the fact that people’s lives and info are being sold, and I have to say a hearty no thank you to FB. It feels like exploitation of socially troubled individuals. Nope.

  2. Audrey MacLelland [1] argued:

    Zuckerberg is a socially inadequate little shit who sells users data to the highest bidder. Also users are idiots who need to post meaningless crap to make their pointless lives seem important.

  3. robert [1] argued:


  4. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because its suppose to be a social media for friend amd familiy to connect. Now, yiu ard just another ad target. FB gets to know your life and targets you for ads. Now it lets you sell products, house etc.. Its not a social media anymore. Its the everything and anything app.

  5. Jeff [5] argued:

    Because of what gets posted most of the time is trivial, and I don’t really want the world knowing the details of my life. I see value in Facebook, in keeping touch with friends and relatives that do not live nearby. But many people on Facebook are on there constantly. My girlfriend is one of them, much of the time we spend together she is spending with someone else by being on Facebook so much.

  6. Kristopher [1] argued:

    From its founder to its intent. It allures a false sense of acceptance to those who love,live and breathe facebook.This is done on the dissonance of likers and followers to its haters and counterparts. What is more disturbing that it’s being used in businesses to promoting their figures. Furthermore people find it socially and morally more acceptable,to sell out on their morales (privacies), without furthering their acknowledgement to the potential repercussions imminently.I’m all for the aspect for reuniting people however people should not be telling anyone what they do and not favour.It also CONFORMS people into accepting THE SYSTEM “AS IS”which may allow the cabal to maintain to reap up more benefits.It also deteriates and distorts individualities by narrow-streaming the norms, to being as “SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE”! There’s nothing more I’d want to further comment, on this topic.

  7. Sayandip Brahma [1] argued:

    most disgusting thing ever is facebook, there is no privacy in Facebook, enimies can take advantage through facebook, any one can post your image publicly to take revenge, any one can know your enemy by “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW” option, disgusting, it can ruin relationship, causes crimes, FACEBOOK should be immedieately banned

  8. Bob [3] argued:

    For just about every reason already posts here! Love #’s 5 & 6!

  9. Wally [1] argued:

    Facebook is for those who need validation from someone (good or bad) to tell them they exist. It goes back to when we all were growing up and we needed our mommy to validate us. We would be at the pool yelling “Mommy Mommy look at me! look at me!” Desperately looking for someone’s/anyone’s attention. … As we grow up and head on our own, we are self dependent, we do not need others to tell us we are great, we are self reliant, confident. No need for Mommy’s validation anymore by others. When you share beyond who you shared it with, your are looking for attention.

  10. madam buck [1] argued:

    The latest reason? Watch an episode of killer post on Investigation Discovery. It will break your heart. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. NOt a Fan [1] argued:

    Has anyone else noticed the increase of crimes because of places like FB, it seems to breed idiots,and should be called Social Disease.

  12. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I want a REAL life, REAL friends, REAL chat. f*** Facebook. It’s just for stupid people.

  13. A Searcher [1] argued:

    1. It seems to breed narcissism. 2. It’s a time waster.

  14. Louise Eiseman [1] argued:

    It’s masturbatory. It’s one more contributor to the break down of civilization. And most importantly, it’s BORING.

  15. [email protected] [1] argued:

    I hate Facebook because people and even Family pretend to be your friends and they are not really your friends they are just there when you message them they will not answer back I hate that and they like to send you game requests” also what I hate about Face book is that some people post nasty things, and when you post something no one likes it or even comment on your post is that friend ship I don’t think so,The truth is that their is no thing such as friend ship you got to be on your own”post something on Facebook what do they think you’re bad ,retarded they may even laugh and it depends on what post it is they don’t care.In other words no one care for any one and if something happens to you please do they even care of course not”For example if there’s a tragedy in the family or die do they care the word it’s simple NO they don’t and theyeven forget who you were why? there is no such thing as friend ship” And they will back stab you if they have to or set you up with something you don’t even notice and get you in a lot of trouble;;This is why I hate Face book and detest it.

  16. lisa [2] argued:

    It’s so ridiculous that adults gossip and bicker or share stupid little details that no one should give a shot about. Do people really think this is normal? What an embarrassment to younger generations. Adults acting like high schoolers. People are so nosy..get a life

  17. steph [2] argued:

    facebook is largely a platform for the self-absorbed to bang on about themselves, beg for compliments and to try and convince everyone their lives are more interesting than they really are. Friends i have that are on it, now seem to live their lives with facebook in mind.

  18. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Practical reasons: https://tinyurl.com/6rm6cjz

  19. Debbie [3] argued:

    It’s actually become a public forum for people who like to brag and whine about everything! Those same people are guilty of both crimes…seriously people KEEP IT REAL! Doesnt seem to matter if they’re 13 or 63! Do they even recognize how stupid and juvenile everyone else on FB thinks they are or do they just not care? Because I don’t post about a trip…do they think I don’t travel…do they ever wonder how ignorant the rest of us think they are? Instead of trying to validate their perfect lives why don’t they take a time out and evaluate why they have the need?

  20. Debbie [3] argued:

    It’s become a public forum for people to brag and whine…usually the 2 go hand in hand with the annoying person(s)! Do these people even recognize how stupid and juvenile this behaviour is? Doesn’t seem to matter if they’re 15 or 55. And do you notice how its always the same screwed up people that seem to have to validate their “perfect” life! KEEP IT REAL PEOPLE!!!

  21. Leith [1] argued:

    Because the term “Social Network” is one of the most ironic things that I can think of, really? It is ironic because being social is going out with friends, going to their houses, going to parties and meeting new people and just generally being sociable with other people, being on a social network involves sitting at home on a computer or walking round the streets with your face in your phone, going to meet friends just to have them walk with you whilst “updating their Facebook status” which is all antisocial in its self, seriously I know people that will get a £20 p/m contract just to get unlimited internet on their phones just so that they can message people and I say to them, get a cheaper contract with a better phone and just TEXT THEM! Another annoying thing about social networks is the fact that people can see whatever you post on your “wall” and no one ever realizes that nobody else cares. People say to me “get Facebook so that we can talk” I reply “why? We are talking right now” they say “but what if I’m at home?” Again I reply “you have a £400 iPhone and you tell me to get Facebook so that we can ‘talk’, just call me”. Oh the good old days where if somebody couldn’t reach you on the landline or by knocking on you door it meant you were out so “GO AWAY!”. The final point that I am going to make( because I could rant about Facebook for hours) is that a lot of people I know pay £35 a year or whatever it is now for Xbox live on a £200+ console and then go on about “bcuz you can chat while playing”, rubbish flash games on an antisocial networking site, which begs the question, “why get an expensive games console and online subscription and game headset if you are just going to sit on a computer and watch grass grow on farmville whilst talking in a chat room on Facebook?”. If I want to play a game with my friends I invite them over and sit and play on the same console and chat to them in real life, Facebook is a plague, it is becoming a miniature version of the internet, because of course, why go on google and type something in and have billions of pages to find detailed and accurate information on what you want when you can hash tag and look at something typed by some fat, sad, cretinous “no-life” cuz he woz bored like? Society is a fool to its self and hardly anyone sees the point(s) that I am trying to make until I point them out and even then they still try to argue, anyway, I’m off to see a friend because i have a life, not that any of you should care at all because the way I see life, “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me or what I say” and I believe it should e the same the other way round. Good Night sad Facebook peoples, and merry Christmas and a happy new year to those of you in this column who have half a brain not to use it.

  22. Carmz [1] argued:

    the damn social network is dehumanizing, everyone in there is just so concerned about expressing themselves online and don’t care about their real life companions. total narcissism.

  23. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Futile… When in need, use Skype.

  24. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I found this & I love it!!
    ” Every post you make
    Every pic you take
    Every friend you fake
    For Facebook’s sake
    I’ll be watching you”

  25. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its very ugly

  26. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    My wife used it to cheat with one of my best friends from college. They met on my facebook page. WTF!???

  27. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because it’s addictive, wrecks lives, is pointless.

    I use it to catch up with my sons who live in the UK, it’s sometimes my only way to see what they’re up to.

    I am a sociable person, but still would prefer to meet up with real friends/real people in a real place.

    Unfortunately, my wife spends more time on Facebook than at work.
    She spends more time on her PC than I do at my Mac, and I am a web developer FFS!

    If we plan a day out, it means that she will get up early to harvest crops or collect something on a FB game, as she won’t be home to do it.

    Saying all of this, it is not really Facebook’s problem – it’s my wife’s problem and maybe her inability to make real friends. She can only keep up the pretense of happy/stable in front of real people for so long. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and be anything.

    But you know what I’m trying to say 🙂

  28. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because i have a social life in real life with only real person i know ?

  29. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    i waste my time to make mark zuckerberg’s money to build up day by day.

  30. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    People post the most mundane updates. ‘Friend’ structure doesn’t follow the real world. To so many users, the purpose of FB is simply to have more ‘friends’ than how many their real friends have. FB resets privacy settings periodically.

  31. laurelwoodsdiltz [1] argued:

    Because they are prejudice

  32. Lory [1] argued:

    It’s an opportunity for everyone to paint their lives as picture perfect. They take pictures of their weddings and their babies. Those poor kids have no idea their pictures will remain on the internet forever for all the perverts to peruse.

    These people are pathetic. If they were truly happy in life, they wouldn’t be posting pictures about it, with longwinded, braggart comments, they’d actually be too busy LIVING IT!

  33. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its was fun in the beggining finding your old friends and stuff…but it got out of hand.. it gave to the people the need to tell what ever crap they do to the rest of the world to show of, or to get some attention and this gets worse and worse. why should the people care or want to tell everybody what to do? i was pulled in to that and got out when i notised that. it replaced the thought of taking a picture to have with your friends and remember that good moment, to taking a picture to show on facebook to see what other people think of it and what they would say about it. stop facebook before its to late. dont care about how people will see you and what pictures you should put to be liked. go up like a normal human and connect with everyone you actually CARE about in person. slowly everyone is just going to want to impress everybody else.

  34. Freedom Loving Woman [1] argued:

    Facebook is a great way to for people to hook up with with their ex’s and ignore their families and spouses. I moved across the country and would get and send a few emails a week to my friends. They now rarely email, they have tried everything to get me to join, just cannot understand how I dont want to be a part of it. I have done plenty in my life and do not need to be popular or famous on the internet to validate myself. I do not want all my info on-line, cant believe stories i hear about idiots posting private things on Facebook, then getting caught.
    Worlds going down the toilet folks, too much communication. Ready to go live in a cave.

  35. pankaj [1] argued:

    it is wastage of one’s life time only

  36. simranjeet kaur [6] argued:

    i also hate .its a wastage of time ofcourse

  37. ajay [1] argued:

    virtual world never go with us….. 30% of girls are fake there….

  38. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its just illusion of life.

  39. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    just shit really get a life

  40. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    it is time pass but doesn’t five any knowledge or creativity. we can get connected with people but that can be done by mobile so it is not much useful..

  41. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  42. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    it is for free people

  43. Palash the lost soul [1] argued:

    I just hate facebook!!
    Gosh ever since homo sapiens came into existence, he have been struggling for privacy, freedom and independence and facebook is a grave offence to these attributes!!

  44. Rishi kumar uppal [1] argued:

    Waste of time. Distraction of mind. Loss of personal info, pics. Loss of energy. Weak concentration. Weak will. Weak mentality. Emotional set backs. Fickle mindedness.

  45. ANN [3] argued:

    Quit complaining y’all..make a change! sign up for Google Plus! Its worth it!

  46. S.A.S. personnel [1] argued:

    facebook maker is crap !!!
    keep it in your mind facebook lover !!!

  47. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I hate facebookers

  48. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    stupid software

  49. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  50. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    facebook hater are so many ! its good for me ! because I hate facebook too !!!

  51. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I hate hate hate and hate facebook for forever
    you better waste your time for playing fps games!

  52. Marta [1] argued:

    1) Waste of time!
    2) Iritating messages about someone answering 172352364526342835462542345276547625 polls!
    3) Seeing it everywhere – in the shop, in an ice-cream cafe, on every internet site. I’m sick of it!

  53. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Why i hate? Bcs Facebook is ugly…UGLY..I rly hate this shit!
    Kids ..stop usre facebook!

  54. ANN [3] argued:

    Google.com/plus. Sign up!!!! Awesome. 40 million people joined within 3 weeks and growing.

  55. some facebook hater! [1] argued:

    Facebook not only destroys privacy but also friendships and people. facebook turns people in dumb gossiping robots who think they know someone just because they have them on facebook.. i hate it and facebook has destroyed everything in peoples lives like TALKING and LOOKING at people and INTERACTING! just grow up and get off the gossip central site! anyone agree with me here? i think yes!

  56. Jusku [1] argued:

    People are fucking disquisting. My male friends are almost all a discrace to manhood.

  57. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I finally threw FB under the bus tonight. I kept getting ‘friend’ requests from peeps I never heard of ?? It really is a waste of time, a social networking blunder of all time. So silly. Reminds me of a quote of A. Einstein ” Nationalism is an infantile disease, the measles of the world” ….. Today, FB is the world’s new infantile disease. WAKE UP WORLD !

  58. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    The most pathetic website out there. Seriously people, a major waste of web space! And as for the users, WOW, are you really that dumb and pathetic, too?

  59. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  60. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    we took this personally because our site MUAHx2.com is gaining interest, and we feel this was a feeble attempt at a lash on us

    the quote was

    In something that was totally a poll “and not ripped from the Facebook page of a high school girl” Casey Anthony has been named the most hated person in the US


    We don’t hate u facebook, we’re just done with the candy coating

  61. satan why dont you just ask us to come and get our micochipe we dont need all your ex cuise

  62. KarmaNerd [1] argued:

    I would like a place where people can be creative. I was told not to post my art, writing or poetry because of both ownership issues and privacy issues. You have no protection in this respect, and likely most of your friends are honorable but I have been in a competitve art community for years. Sometimes, just like elsewhere in life the weaker artists sometimes steal from the stronger ones. Also, I have heard rumours that facebook owns your images once you post them, as an artist – unacceptable. Facebook is exceptionally boring, and really is for lazy people who want to show off without accomplishing much more than the average joe. It also plays into the American (yawn) culture of celebrity with its superfical value system.

  63. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    what’s the point of using this crapbook

  64. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Not so much against Facebook – as against the people who use it (and why. It’s morphed into a bunch of people trying desperately to boast about their lives: look at me on a beach…. look at me bungee jumping, loooook at meee…
    General rule – if you’re updating your profile while your ‘having fun’… YOU’RE NOT HAVING FUN… you’re just trying to impress an ex-lover.

  65. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I hate people posting in the wall about their day and who cares. Get a life!! who is interested about their shit!!! Tired of it!!

  66. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Google Plus!

  67. face book hater [1] argued:

    Your born,live and die,how much time is wasted on facebook, if you are on your death bed have you achieved all you have wanted in life, or have you wasted it, talking to your so call friends about gossiping, what about your real friends and family they the ones who will care when you die, not face book friends,I have seen so many people wreck friendships, relationships and now young kids are bullying other kids. Add up how much constructive time you have spent with people who actually are in your lives and how much time you have spent with people you dont even know on wasted Facebook!! But Im just lucky I have a brain and are not as stupid as some to be wasting my life gossiping and making trouble. Its great to hear that people are trying to justify to themselves why they are on face book and always have to try to come up with a reason. Why dont finish your life happy with people in it, and stop wasting time going blind, getting fat, and filling your brains fill of other peoples business. Dumb asses get your selves out of the chair, get productive and start seeing why you were put on the earth, not to sit infront of shit. But I really dont care what you all do with your lives because I am a face book hater and always will be. Your lives will all come crashing down and you will have no one else to blame.

  68. Steven B [1] argued:

    There is always seems to be an argument towards facebook being great because you can meet old friends. Are they not old friends because you moved on as person? people develop and change and facebook seems to be about the past not about the future.

  69. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It is time consuming and boring. It also encourages cyber bullying.

  70. camster [2] argued:

    it’s great for cowards who say what they like about people and at the same time keep their own identity under wraps.cowards attack people online

  71. camster [2] argued:

    you can’t go on facebook to relax and play games.people keep wanting to chat and even with chat turned off,which i always have off,they send messages to you and annoying you

  72. Harry R [1] argued:

    Is it just me or do all the lovers seem a tad simple?
    There isn’t a single person i know who can’t see through the corporate money-raking filth and they have all been brainwashed, it’s quite upsetting really…
    The haters appear to me as intelligent people who more than likely have happy lives meeting ‘real people’ and i wish them all the best.
    commiserations to the lovers-I hope they realize soon just what a waste it is!

  73. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Is it just me or do all the lovers seem a tad simple?
    There isn’t a single person i know who can’t see through the corporate money-raking filth and they have all been brainwashed, it’s quite upsetting really…
    The haters appear to me as intelligent people who more than likely have happy lives meeting ‘real people’ and i wish them all the best.
    commiserations to the lovers-I hope they realise soon just what a waste it is!

  74. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    can make you happy one day and miserable another.
    Like all attachments its bad for you. Its empty and pretty fake in majority of time. And everybody is trying to show off as much as they can, impress with their knowledge/look etc.
    In reality majority of us are just very lonely people deep inside.
    Its sad, I guess FB was supposed to make us better but a lot of times it works opposite.

  75. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    First time I’ve joined facebook was to join a couple of group of freinds; and I found it cool!
    I wasnt paying too much attention and posted couple of pics from the groups of freinds.

    Then I add, 1, 2, 3 .. as freinds. Suddenly I realize how some people can transform the virtual world into their desperation. Facebook becomes like the place some people want to show (or desperate to show of like). Pics of their hotel they been too.. wedding pics all over the place …. “I love you” on the wall of their “girl freind”! Hold on: What the hell facebook is about ?! If you want to talk to your girl freind do you need facebook ? Some only post when they have a flight ticket booked ! Who the hell want to know about your engagement party ??

    Even wierd, some posting the naked pic of their gf or bf ! What the hell !! Or posting stuff like “Xmass shopping done !!” etc …..

    People, let’s get a life without those silly things !!

    I have joined facebook to get away from those stuff. I didnt join to see those silly things.
    I am out !!
    And a little bit of privacy !!!

  76. walts [1] argued:

    i use facebook only cause my friends use it but its fucking shit, i lost my girlfriends and friends because of it. people want to talk on facebook but not in person when you see them. if you wanna get in contact with someone call them or sms them, even sms is bad enough, you can record messages and social network shits and get found out for shit later on and with a call you cant, i have facecbook but im so against it because… only reason i have it and go on it is because all my friends do and its the only way i can talk and keep up or in contact with people. they are like. didnt you see it on facebook. facebook is only good for one thing. picking up hot bitches. and then they dont even usually look like what they look like in there pictures in real life cause they are fake or photoshopped

  77. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    due to all the facebook users who believe people actually give a shit about their mundane lives: wasting my time to post that they’ve just taken a shower or fed their children or hate Mondays or just had their cup of morning coffee. WHO the F*CK CARES??

  78. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It turns friends into enemies.

  79. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    prefer to live real life

  80. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Gps 4. Ur life who needs it

  81. Dee S. [2] argued:

    It is Cold and Impersonal tripe. The minute I joined Face Book, I felt like I was in a cold tunnel that no longer had a personal tie with people. We are getting farther away from eye-to-eye interactions. E-mail was much more personal than this. When I go onto Face Book, I read nothing but comments and constant postings of You-Tube (and the like). I can go out there and get that info by myself. Let’s have a little one-on-one interaction in this world. And..lets slow down to warp speed. I felt forced to join Face Book or forever be separated from my friends and family. A great place for idiots and the socially inept.

  82. sana [2] argued:

    its like your helping stalkers to stalk u my friend put when shes going on holiday to her friend and she came back and her house was robbed…

  83. sana [2] argued:

    a waste of time for lifeless people who have nothing to do in there spare time social idiots

  84. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    simply people can get in touch by chatting, and privately. There is no reason to let everyone that I am in touch with my friend and what goes around with our conversation. I think facebook is good to make you find your friends that you lost contact with, but after that you can be in touch privately, outside facebook, and without exposing your personal life to everyone. For me, facebook is useless.

  85. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Waste of time! Dehumanizes our society. Place for people to talk shit about each other. Place for people to judge each other.

  86. Bruce Lee hates facebook [1] argued:

    Facebook ate my dog

  87. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I hate fb because it’s just for people to brag about who they’re dating or what their doing..and also i cant help feeling like ppl post things that should be private, i feel uncomfortable reading others peoples private conversations…I just can’t help but feel like there’s something wrong about people writing like it’s their diary.

  88. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    youre aboslute cack. to many probs, sort it or do one , same as steve shite on radio pooh

  89. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    it consumes your time, effort and it can even destroy your relationship

  90. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because you pile up your friends lists with people who do not interact with you anyway, the info is spread all over the net and it is simply annoying!!!

  91. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I believe its the new way of ppl staying stable and will just end up with serious socializing problems no matter that its a social network page ppl will forget to talk to eachother in real you get mny point

  92. tapper [1] argued:

    Any adult who has a facebook page, needs a life. Instead of spending all your time watching and reading what others are doing…go out and get a real life of your own! I can’t wait until the day comes that this website crashes and burns. It may take years, but Karma always takes it’s place one way or another.

    Myspace has it all over FB, despite popular (or ahem) follower’s beliefs.

  93. Gunnar Jonsson [1] argued:

    Facebook becomes a part of your life and you begin to stay online and chat with friends there instead of meeting them in person. That’s why I hate Facebook because it makes people hooked which is psychologically CREEPY!

  94. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    cause they disabled my account for no reason and i didnt recieve any warning …..they are injust …….i hate u face book

  95. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    If you can’t get famous, post your life on Facebook and pretend you are.

  96. kogutek [1] argued:

    Facebook is made for empty people who just like wasting their time thinking that time is something to kill when they lazy people get bored. They use it to feel good about themselves without noticing that facebook feed their defects and increase their weakness, leading them to self-unawareness. increasing stupidity, conveniently for them who have power and control over the society.

  97. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Gravity.com!! Ex Myspace executives! Looks like a cool new site! Check it!

  98. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because it’s an absolute waste of time. I’d rather have a deviantart account and judge people by their talent and patience than to have an FB and judge people based on their so-called ‘friends.’ The more friends you have the more cool you are, neh? Yeah, right.

    And as someone pointed out before, why not see people in person or maybe call or text them? Now that would be better. And the hell do I care if people change their avatars or whatnot? Screw that site.

  99. Lenn [1] argued:

    I dislike the people that look at you different once u say, “I dont have a facebook”. When did it become “not cool” to not have a facebook?
    Oh Im sorry, I just like my afternoons and I like to use them in something better than to catch up with other people’s lives. I don’t have a facebook,
    SO WHAT? I have friends, I see them,u know IN PERSON, also there is the phone. I dont need fake friends, I have real friends who actually care about me
    and are there for me when I need them. Some people have “friends” and they haven’t even talked to them, apparently it’s cool to have fake friends.
    I’m sorry but I find that sad, pathetic, absurd, and every synonim there is. I hope facebook dissapears, or I dont know what will happen to society.

  100. Sally [1] argued:

    You want to know why I hate, I COULD WRITE A BOOK! It’s simply stupid.
    What is most pathetic about it, is that people actually believe
    that u care about whatever is it that you’re doing. “Going to the gym”
    People think it’s so cool to have one and talk about nothing. I guess
    they find it better than to actually use the brain that u have. Cause lets
    face it, those who use facebook only to look at pictures of someone else
    and to say whatever it is that they are doing “going to the bathroom”
    are people who absolutely have NOTHING BETTER TO DO! I dont know about u
    but it’s depressing. There are lots of things to do, I guess people choose
    the one that need less brain activity, or for my understanding, none.

  101. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I hate it because apparently every teenager I know has reduced
    their brain activity into spending all afternoon doing NOTHING,
    who cares about what the others are doing, or looking at their pictures
    since when did lookign at pictures from other people
    became interesting. Try using your brain again, I believe that there are
    still smart people left, people who actually have a life and dont waste
    it on facebook. It’s sad that society has turned into such pathetic thing.

  102. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its another example of america manipulating the system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-qgwTvnGes

  103. Facebook sucks [1] argued:

    Sadly my mom has one, and when those pansy disabled(shut down) her profile for no reason i had to figure out how to fix it. So you have to scan your government issued id and send it to them. What about that sounds reasonable? Since when was breaking a Facebook rule(if u even did) seemingly a threat to national security? But at the end of the day she was able to access her profile again without having to give up her life’s story. Facebook must have some real problems if they disable your profile for no reason and then re-instate it as if nothing ever happened. I disliked facebook before but now it’s proven to be a waste of the internet and everybody’s time

  104. michael tyler [1] argued:

    ruined my life, damaged my relationship, lost alot of my friends, threats and defaming caused me to get into fights and wars between groups and smashing on the street. got to a point where i closed down everything on the net and moved away and had to start my life over from scratch. no1 cares or no1 would help. SAD! 🙁

  105. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Get a life. Stop posting your “status” every 5 minutes you mindless posers.

  106. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because make the people stupid – sheeps

  107. Rob [1] argued:

    It is a symbol of the WRONG direction. Big ol’ flashing, neon sign shouting “End to things that truly matter.”
    To see the mass confomity to such a horrible thing as this, truly brings sadness to my heart.

  108. Bobby [1] argued:

    I hate facebook. All the TEACHERS & PUPILS in my school talk about it all day long. I mean TEACHERS! The teachers that talk about it are the same ones that know nothing unless a textbook with all the answers is in front of them. Just goes to show.
    Oh and the facebookers are racist. I have a friend who submitted a photo to his ‘friend’ who then called him an ugly N-word. My friend pushed the report abuse button, and it was two years ago when he did and they STILL haven’t done anything against it.
    Just shows that the head of facebook is a confederate american racist b**tard.

  109. n00bt00b [1] argued:

    frozen [1] & dip[1] what is so fun about talking how a drunk n00b looks in a photo while playing on the kwappiest games on the web?
    Plus dip [1]. You really are a dip if you are proposing to someone on an online social network. Unless you’re both facebookin’ lUUZAHS i can’t see her accepting your hand anytime soon (lol).

  110. kewl dood [2] argued:

    Rapist bas**rds

  111. kewl dood [2] argued:

    Hey, i like the stuff logic guy, you see n00bs, even math hates facebook! Math can’t be wrong.

  112. flying pigs r real, im 1 lol [1] argued:

    facebook sux bawls. gay retards make accounts. The same lot that love michael jackson and think that knowing their birthday is the day they were born makes them a genius.
    Not to mention pedoes have made accounts, so why would you want to be on the same site as a gay emo rapist guy? I agree with the dude who was talking about the British girl Ashleigh Hall. I’m an American and I don’t know the details in Britain very well so forgive me if I am wrong but wasn’t she raped by some dude who pretended that he was some sexy 18 year old guy but turned out to be a male rapist who was already on the sex offenders list for kidnapping a prostitute? Well it was something like that.
    So leave facebook alone people. Get out inthe real world and do stuff.

  113. jane [2] argued:

    Facebook is so personal that they may aswell ask for your bank & credit card details along with a sign saying ‘I’m free pedos’

  114. Harry [2] argued:

    My bro had it and he had this m8 who always thought he was dead sexy (even though he was in the first year/grade of secondary/high school) so he sent photos of himself NAKED on facebook. How dumb is he?

  115. Jimmy [3] argued:

    If you have no facebook account, then I am your friend. FACEBOOK must be eliminated and people on it must be killed.

  116. Purelogic [1] argued:

    OK then, now then let us just say that amazing, is majority. For instance if the majority of people eat triangle sandwiches then triangle sandwiches are amazing.
    Recent updates show that Facebook has now got 500,000,000 members. So then we put that figure on top of the one for the population of the world to get 500,000,000/6,000,000,000. This simplifies to 1/13. This means that 1/13 people have a Facebook account. This means that 12/13 people don’t have a Facebook account, ending with the solid FACT that Facebook is not amazing and the REAL world is.
    Proved with logic

  117. Twowords [1] argued:

    Just two words that could put you off facebook forever-
    Ashleigh Hall
    Find out who she is and what happened to her. By the way if you think facebook is safe then you may aswell think I’m a talking onion.

  118. ninjastaaav [1] argued:


  119. koolkwap [1] argued:

    Suck mah bawls facebookers

  120. doodaagil [1] argued:


  121. gteoffayolazybutts [1] argued:

    hey, I have a really awesome idea. Instead of going onf facebook why don’t you try REAL LIFE! It is much better, plus you know who you talk to and there is no need for all this ‘Sam is having a crap and it is really hurting him’ or ‘Billy has put 1gram, no 2grams, no 3 grams of butter on his toast’.
    In real life, you get to have real fun instead of playing on farmvilly or that other crap. So try it now by getting of your lazy butt and making REAL friends in the REAL world and by doing REAl things to help REAL people in the REAL world. If Albert Einstein was still alive, do you really think that he would waste his time on facebook? If so then try finding out who he actually is. Do you think that your friends on Facebook are real? no, they are just some fat idiots who pretendd to be what they aren’t. Some fat idiot in America somewhere is making billions of dollars from our stupidity and laughing at us in the process. Every minute spent on facebook is a minute lost when you could have done something extraordinary. So sign up now by getting of your BUTT and going somewhere.

  122. Douchebook [2] argued:

    Facebook should be renamed douchebook as prostitutes rule it practically, bullies, pedoes and just plain idiots infest it. It rots the young of the day and makes them as thick as logs, all these ‘friends’ are people that they have never met. Stupid updates and comments like ‘Bill is eating Yorkshire Puds’ or ‘Amy is drinkin kool aid’ annoy people.
    I’ve never made a facebook account but I live with somone who has, and it drives me mad. The same idiots on facebook who aren’t pedos, prozzies or bullies are all dumb, stupid people who are generally obese and can’t tell the difference between a potato and a tomato. It should be banned.
    Not to mention it had that little racist time when it went with a competition with YouTube to make the funniest and most mocking cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Muhhamad (peace be upon him).
    The 500,000,000 million dumbasses that have joined should be taught a lesson for being idiots and supporters of this monstrous online dirt.
    So if you have any friends on e-masend a message degrading facebook and tell them to forward it to their friends so one day, we can rid the world of this online ‘prostitute parlour’. It may aswell be called Rapebook. Remember what happened to that English Girl a few years back? She was raped and murdered by a sick man who she met on guess where? FACEBOOK! Well unite now so we can eliminate that threat forever!

  123. Douchebook [2] argued:

    Facebook is an over rated waste of time where prostitutes rule, it wrecks academic progress, 90% of all ‘friends’ have never been met. It is quite saddening to see people rot away in front of their computer screens doing something that will never be of any use to the world when they could be researching medical science or something.

  124. IH8FACEBOOK [1] argued:

    the worst ever idea, pedofiles & prostitutes heaven, it wastes time, reduces academic performance, is abused by nearly everyone, People show off on it by adding lots of friends whom they do not know, cyber bullying occurs there, and generally sucks balls

  125. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    twitter is NOT FACEBOOK. If I wanted FB I would go on it.

  126. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It’s pointless

  127. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It’s getting to the point where you’re almost considered a social leper if you don’t have the thing. I have indirect pressure from folks on my University course to sign up so i can stay “in the loop”. Gives me bad vibes baby, bad vibes.

  128. Jean [2] argued:

    Oh might I add IT’S FAKE! Creating fake bonds with fake people, wow 458 friends and none of them would give you a dollar to save your life if you needed it, BUT they would post that you’re broke and comment on your broke life and tag you in a photo posted of you living in your little cardboard box on the corner. Really…get out and make real connections with REAL people.

  129. Jean [2] argued:

    What exactly do people talk about at reunions now, what happened in the last ten minutes they didn’t read their post on facebook.

    Seriously makes no sense. For the life of me I can’t understand farmville, really, growing pretend fruits, and raising pretend animals on a PRETEND farm, and they rush home to reap PRETEND things off a NON-EXISTENT farm…seriously, go out and plant a real damn tree, the earth needs it. NO they sit there and send PRETEND eggs to people like that will help feed the world.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can understand wanting to communicate and be connected with family and friends but really, do I NEED to know what they had or did for breakfast, lunch and dinner or if they threw it up. People seriously go find a site that makes a difference or do something meaningful or constructive, not just sitting for hours looking at pictures of drunk people, posting stupid comments and being tagged for looking like an idiot.

    What has the world come to, is this what our society has been reduced to, really, really, reading idiotic post after post, did I really enrich my life knowing you had a chocolate ice-cream with PRETTY sprinkles after lunch?

    And at the top of it all is a curly haired nerd getting rich off our stupidity. Facebook? I think not, I have a life, and not everyone and their dog needs to know every second of it.

  130. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Everyone: Fecesbook alternative….diaspora! Check into it if you haven’t already.

  131. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It’s gay.

  132. Paul Lorentz Jr. [2] argued:

    oh ya the other reason is with my wife on facebook all the damn time I feel like 500 people are looking through our living room window “oh my God there realy are oh shit gotta go” no seriously f facebook I told my wife my life goal is to find the little building its hiding in and bring it down

  133. Paul Lorentz Jr. [2] argued:

    My wife and I get along well our hours are opposite about half the time when I get home I dont want to sit and watch her on face book then she will sit down check facebook on her phone go to bed wake up she might be checking her face book her damn phone alerts her. I think its b.s. because it is a time and life sucker for God sake visit with youre family instead of pouring youre life into 500 people you will never see family’s every where are suffering quality time due to this crap.

  134. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    superficial. fake. already have twitter if I want news. Don’t need to see pics on everyone who wants to ‘friend’ me

  135. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Biggest bunch of narcissitic losers with no life. Total lose of privacy and individualism. I couldn’t be MORE turned off by people who use FB. It’s the anti-Christ of the internet.

  136. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    COMPLETE waste of time

  137. Monica [1] argued:

    Stupid waste of time! Instead of spending all of your time on facebook, why don’t you do something important or ACTUALLY MEANINGFUL in your life?! If you don’t have a facebook, I respect you since I don’t either, if you do, you are just another idiot who thinks having the most “friends”, aka people who don’t actually know the real you, on facebook is actually gonna get you somewhere!

  138. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I HATE Facebook because I can’t get any work done without my own boss f*cking with me on a daily basis about how to use it! She has no business being on Facebook when she doesn’t even have basic computer skills. And when she’s not asking me how to upload a pic, she’s constantly showing me the pix she did actually figure out how to upload on her own or either showing me her friends pix. I cannot say it enough…I wish there was no such thing as Facebook! No, I’m not some old, geeky workaholic that doesn’t have any friends, I just don’t have the patience for someone like her that doesn’t make any effort to even pretend she’s actually doing some work and then constantly bugs the sh*t out of me every-single-day to show her how to do something on her computer… mostly on FACEBOOK!!!

  139. cool kid [1] argued:

    Facebook is for geeks. Play myspace. You can chat with freinds and it’s much better. But I don’t care for this trash. Hanging with my freinds and girlfreinds is what I like to do. SO DUMP THIS COMPUTER SHIT!!!!!!

  140. William [1] argued:

    I can’t risk having my private information on the interweb! Other than that, I’m way too cool to have a facebook! Facebook is for loosers who can’t make friends or find girlfriends/boyfriends.

  141. allie [1] argued:


  142. Gareth [1] argued:

    When I was going to check my facebook this morning, it said that my account was disabled by facebook for no reason. SO WHY DID FACEBOOK FUCKING DISABLE MY ACCOUNT!!!! i played the games and spent money on it. I had loads of freinds. BUT THEY STILL FUCKING DISABLE IT FOR NO REASON!!!!SO FUCK FACEBOOK!!!! I’M GONNA OPEN A MYSPACE ACCOUNT SINCE MYSPACE IS BETTER AND DOESN’T LAG!!!!!! SO FUCK FACEBOOK FOR FUCKING UP ARE STUFF!!!! I GETTING MYSPACE SINCE IT IS ALOT BETTER THEN THAT SHIT!!!!

  143. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Define friends ?

  144. Amanda [1] argued:

    It is distracting people from more important social issues. It is such a waste of time! I made an account, and then couldn’t delete it so I just never logged into it again. I hate facebook!

  145. FB Hater [1] argued:

    I looooove how there’s so many FB haters…I’m not alone!! FB has become the new phone number everytime I meet someone they ask if I got an FB and I actually feel awesome to say NO because I like to be different! We live in a world where most ppl like to just FIT IN that’s y there’s so many on that fake mess. Everybody keeps sayin it’s a good way to keep in contact w/ friends…whatever! REAL friends pick up the phone or come see u.. no matter where u r in the world. I got friends all over the country & even out and I still communicate with REAL ones the good old fashion way by phone or e-mail. Otherwise if we’re not takin out the time to communicate that way then ur really not that I
    important in my life so y wud it b necessary for u to see pics in my life and u knowin my every move. Then some ppl that join may not post much about their life & they’re just on there to stalk everybody else lol. They have NO life so they start to envy all the ppl that “claim” their life is so amazing..they’re bored out of their mind..it’s like use ur extra time for studying, making extra money, showing the real ppl in ur life some love & attention u know. BE CREATIVE in the real world! I do think it’s a great site for insecure people..go take a picture in the right lighting w/ the right angle of urself then all ur fake friends will pump u up..hahaha! FB stands for fake bull!

  146. Anonymous [17] argued:

    Funny how people join this site…they don’t know how to “LOVE” THE REAL PEOPLE IN THEIR LIVES(they dump them). Due to their insecurities they rather LOVE ppl thru a screen(lovely)…OH and to boost their self confidence they post pics of themselves so all the virtual ppl can tell them how fine they are lol(ha even tho they lyin)…i hope it crashes someday.

  147. I don't wanna say... [1] argued:

    Because ex-boyfriends go on there to find new girlfriends! I HATE IT!

  148. Alkis [2] argued:

    And stop with the excuse of the old friends to be found!the reason your old friends are “old” is because you had nothing in common so you stopped seeing each other in person…so go on with the friends you have now and fuck the old ones…the world is not so big, you will find them one day in front of you and then you will be really excited!

  149. Alkis [2] argued:

    because almost everyone wants to be pretty and saw their “friends” how good was the last night in that nightclub or wherever, where the only thing she/he was doing was taking pictures pictures pictures PICTURES and at the end she/he forgets how to just have fun without hes/her camera!whoever has facebook profile is pathetic with no real life or friends and knows how to be liked from the distance but in person is an empty vessel with nothing to say!STOP BEING SO NARCISISTS!

  150. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Whatever happened to the regular meet in person, telephone, hang out? What you are really saying to ur friends is that you don’t want to talk to them for real. You’d rather have a conversation in facebook. How many of you have ever picked up the conversation face to face after you finished with of your “messages” to you friends???? Probably never. Get a life!!!!!

  151. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    no privacy policy hahahaha

  152. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It’s such a cheap non-sense talk of a bunch of social climbers!

  153. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because I used to live anonymously and now your photos end up in someone’s account without my approval

  154. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    B/c it makes getting to know people less important. I can ‘stalk’ them by that I mean get to know them indirectly and make up my mind about them that is if they are not really your friend in real life but only a ‘friend’ on FB and I’m sure most would agree that out of 200 or more so ‘friends’ on FB aren’t really a close friend in real life. Of course you will not know them completely, but you can find out things about them through their friends list and their posts, eg. how articulate they are…etc. Thereby, creating, perhaps an illusion that I have already gotten to know them already and also making me feel that it is not that important to invest time and effort.

    I certainly don’t want people to feel that way about me.

  155. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Another reason is cause people make a big deal about how many friends they have: “ha ha, I have 412 friends! their names? uh….? there’s this guy who poked me and his name starts with ‘K’.”

  156. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Oh, some people may love it. People like me however, don’t like to just sit on the computer and look for the next excuse not to get up and do something

  157. Mel [1] argued:

    This is a complete waste of time, and most ofyour ”friends” on there didn’t even talk to you once. Plus, people can get there to learn things about you that aren’t their business at all. And this site is full of pedos. 😐

  158. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    The misnomer of friends – who has hundred or thousands of friends! I mean real friends. If you follow a musician or writer etc the definition should be fan not friend when you ask to be added. People live their lives and get so swept up in Facebook that it becomes all consumming and they don’t get that it is not a real form of communication. Stupid monosyllabic comments like ” I need a Poo” are neither clever or a need to know. It can severly damage your self esteem if you think that you are being ignored when you leave messages or comments and get no response, yet see your friends have responded to others. It is dumbing down the youth of today and allows parasitic seedy personalities to hone in on the lonely and needy and play to their weaknesses to ingratiate themselves into their space and lives.

  159. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    People say it’s a good way to stay in contact but there’s plenty of people I don’t want to keep in contact with. Plus, it’s not proper contact; only little comments about how someone looks nice in a photograph. I find it rather uneccessary. Sorry facebook lovers!

  160. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    just do it wrecked my life

  161. J [5] argued:

    Utterly despairing! What a sad world we live in today where so many ‘losers’ rely on this over rated site. For me, it’s a breeding ground for sexual predators and stalkers. Yeah, as for the ‘pouting’ lips everywhere…gtfo!

  162. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    “Facebookers” are the same douches that get off on American Idol and drink the “Apple experience” kool-aid.

  163. LJEJ [1] argued:

    it is evil.

  164. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    i hate facebook, because it tries to connect with those person, who i don’t want to see anymore.

  165. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    The idea of sustaining a promising or potential constant connection with everyone you have ever been acquainted with is scary. Most Face bookers never let their lives happen naturally anymore. The rate at which people these days become more and more greedy for the desire and curiosity of the disturbing satisfaction of knowing what everyone is doing at any given second has grown exponentially. Face book is a trend that includes making yourself appear acceptable, and creating a personality for yourself that wouldn’t exist without 500 people you define as your friends and pictures that capture what you believe are memories for those 500 people to be aware of.

  166. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because everyone is on facebook, I want to be different and not join it so I hate it.

  167. Luis [2] argued:

    When Facebook first came around, you had to have a valid college email address. I hadn’t gone into college yet, i was in the military. So they pretty much said f*ck you if you aren’t in school, your not the right type of person we want on here. So i have never gotten on facebook, and never will.

  168. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  169. Artman [1] argued:

    it ends life, it is a total make up of reality, it degrades the life god granted to the human being, it is a prison, and it is only an image, fake relationships and friendships, only to project something different and be “cool” or accepted ? do you have more friends in facebook than in real life ? showing love on facebook matters more than showing it to your really loved ones ? it takes your life in a virtual place ? or is it a tool for something ? it makes society more shallow than what already is.

  170. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    if you want to express yourself and prove the world what your talents are and who you really are, you can do it in real life, not behind a mask where things can be interpreted totally different

  171. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because that all my wife does

  172. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    A portal for pathetic, narcissistic people.

  173. Redwyred [1] argued:

    Makes people really lonely. If you wanna have fake friends…Just go to the shop, buy couple of dolls and teddy’s and talk to them…It’s comparable…Trrust me.

  174. deathmetal [1] argued:

    So if there are approximately 6 billion people on earth and at least 1 billion has access to internet and/or a computer and there are about 360 million people on facebook that means that there are a lot more people who dont like facebook or just dont want to register than there are facebook users.You do the math which people there are more:haters or lovers…

  175. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I used to be addicted to FB in the beginning. Thought it would be fun to reconnect with old friends and classmates. Now, in retrospect, it was such a waste of time. All these people who I found after so many years… and all those who found me… ahhh, friends again… just like old times. NOT. Seems all everyone is doing on FB is competing for the number of friends. 289 friends. 568 friends. 765 friends. Oh, get off of it. Who has that many friends? And really, these people aren’t friends. Of all the people that found me and said we were going to meet and catch up on old times, not one has come through. If they were friends, we’d be hanging out in person and I’d be getting phone calls on my birthday and not annoying wall posts. Pick up the phone if you’re a friend!!

    (Oh, and I’m so tired of people bragging on FB — “Oh, how I love my life!! I am sooooo happy!! I live in the most beautiful place on this earth!! Oh how I adore my children and job!” Please stop talking like that. Life is not this perfect for anyone. Grow up, look at yourselves in the mirror, and face reality. And learn how to be HUMBLE. Facebook is just a forum where people try and outdo one another — who got more wasted this past weekend and who has the most pictures to prove it. GROW UP, PEOPLE. Get a life!!!!! I’m SO done with Facebook.

  176. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    The information I put on facebook is not private.

  177. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    1. People are nosy and wants to know your business. Why would you want strangers or even people you’ve known years back in school or where-ever your daily conversation. Do they deserve that?
    2. It brings out the ugliness in everybody. Narcissism, ego, pride, bullying, negativity, discrimination, self-centerness,drama…did I name it all?
    3. It makes us all become stalkers w/o even realizing it.
    4. It ruins relationships..it changes people.
    5. Privacy issues. Google yourself. I came up on it with one of my status updates from FB and Twitter, even when I thought I put private on my page.
    6. Studies find your brain will turn infantile in time. Especially in younger people due to this.
    7. No more for me. Thanks. Get out while you still have a brain.

  178. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It’s basically a place for stalkers.
    Ummm yea. Don’t be a creep:)
    Get off facebook!

  179. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    facebook knows more about you than everybody else in the world if you put too much information on your page. Chats are logged. Groups and pages reveal your personality, habits and favourites. the most stupid people put their phone number, photos and other personal data on it. You help the CIA,NSA etc.
    for free. Get out of it and start to live in reality.

  180. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    i dont like hearing the word anymore.its so brain bruising. cant people wake up and see just how much its damaging social contact . biggest load of bullshit and bollox .why people , come on when is this going to end.i hate fb with a passion . in fact im the biggest hater in the world. fact. nice to see im not alone like i thought i was. BAN THE BULLSHIT GET BACK TO REALITY U FUCKIN FREAKS

  181. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    For me, Facebook and the people in it are evil, a cult…If the world ends today, it’s because of what and how people are treating others today. People…who has the need to show off their diamond ring, who needs to make themselves out to be like they’re on top of the world all the time is what makes FB sad. Another one, who makes a page for her young child and adds herself on it to increase her friends list..is even more sad…These are just a very few of what I’ve seen and it’s something I don’t want to be a part of anymore. Privacy is gone, every little move you make is shown to everyone…It’s a huge distraction to daily living.. Everything about FB makes me feel nauseous..trapped….a breath of fresh-air is what we all need..do other things in life…

  182. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    For me, Facebook and the people in it is evil, a cult…If the world ends today, it’s because of what and how people treat others today and how it changes one’s mental state…for the worse. People who has the need to show off their engagement ring, who needs to make themselves out to be so on top of the world all the time is what makes FB sad. Another one, who makes a page for her young child and add herself on it to increase her friends list..is even more sad…These are just a very of what I’ve seen and it’s something I don’t want to be a part of anymore. Privacy is gone…distraction to daily living.. people make judgments…from what I heard FB thinking of installing tracking devices..Everything about FB makes me feel..trapped….a breath of fresh-air is what we all need..do other things…it’s very unhealthy..

  183. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I agree to everyone here…zzzzzzzzzz…that’s all facebook is..boring!!! Who cares what your doing everyday. I just deleted nearly 20 people..Why add me, I respond to you and then you don’t say a word…What kind of crap is that? What a waste of time.And those apps are absolutely useless…at least I had more fun with music and page design on Myspace.

  184. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It make you a non-social person and brings problems in a relationship. Gives you a wrong impression from your partner.

  185. Anonymous xx [2] argued:

    ps.. who agrees with me? im interested to here what others have to say!

  186. Anonymous xx [2] argued:

    Personally, It annoys me that so many people from my school have such an obssession with the amount of photographs they upload! A typical profile it seems, often has a minimum of 20 albums +, with some of the more extreme cases; up to 50 albums and tags of themsleves in over 2500 photos! I think this encourages people to become very vain and self obssessed; they take photos to make it look as though they are having a better time than they are, and if they really think that we are going to be interested in spending hours trailing through their personal life… they need to think again! I think it makes others who don’t have that massive amount of photos feel as though they dont have enough friends, to feel inadequate, or to feel that every single social event should involve a camera, and poses for up to over 100 photos at one time! I, perosnally do not have 3000 photos of my life in the past 2 years, but I’ve had many fun experiences!

  187. Vaan [1] argued:

    Facebook users spend MOST of their time in the Non-reality world (more friends, compliments-regardless of their appearances and states). And less time on the Real World. DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND SPEND ONE-DAY-JUST-ONE DAY! Without FB. You WILL see how SAD having FB really is…..soooo depressing.

  188. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    People spend more time in the ‘facebook world’, than the reality world. This makes eventually, lonely, bored and addicted to posting pictures of themselves. This. Is VERY sad.

  189. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    it’s where the nerdy ugly people can finally make “friends” and be told they’re hot when they’re clearly not

  190. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    all the comments are fake,”you look sooo gorgeous” “wow, you look amazing” and they are the ugliest people ever. be honest with your comments and be brave enough to say “you like like crap”

  191. Innocent FB user [1] argued:

    Because they banned me without reason!!! I hope NAZIBOOK(Facebook Nemesis) shall be created

  192. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I don’t hate facebook so much as the people on it. Their are people I’ve walked past in the hallway at college and nothing more who have added me on facebook, and if i accept, i have to put up with their crap filled updates. ‘John is eating a pancake’ WHO THE FUCK CARES?!

  193. tompad [1] argued:

    they have disabled my account lots of times and i just and tired of them doing it

  194. 147gamer [1] argued:

    Go out and find real friends,not just add a ton of them online.I bet you didnt even say a word to that person but you consider yourself friends.Total bullshit.Real friends are 500X better than some facebook geek that is on facebook 24/7

  195. D-rick [1] argued:

    i dont like talking to FRIENDS over the internet..and all the added games arent even nececcassary..if i wanted to play flash games online youll find me at a different website

  196. Lex [1] argued:

    Believe it or not, reporting everything you do, say or think from minute to minute, uploading stupidly posed photos of yourself and claiming to have 350 friends you’ve never met, doesn’t make you any cooler

  197. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    1) I don’t want the world knowing my business
    2) sometimes you lose contact with people for a reason
    3) if they are real friends, you would make an effort to find other ways of keeping in touch with them
    4) facebook is often abused by spiteful people anyway
    5) some people just seem to use it for bragging and manipulation – I don’t see why you would want to be (virtual) friends with these people
    6) it’s something that facebook users think you should have, even if you tell them repeatedly that you don’t want it (and some may refuse to contact you any other way to try to force you into getting it)

  198. Krupa Thakrar [1] argued:

    Hi there,

    We are World Have Your Say, a radio programme that broadcasts all over the world from the BBC World Service in London in the UK.

    Our programme today is about the question, ‘Does Facebook improve your life?’

    I’m looking for anti-Facebook voices that would be interested in speaking on our show for a few minutes.

    The show is between 1800GMT and 1900GMT tonight. If you’re interested in contributing at any time during the show, please email your phone number to [email protected] and I’ll call to discuss.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


  199. azral [1] argued:

    it’s affecting the productivity, make people slow in work an so fucking distracting. please stop this stupidity of social scum. don’t they got a life ?!!!!

  200. Sel [1] argued:

    Because there’s a real world out there, no one on facebook really gives a damn about each other. It’s all about how many friends you can add, and bragging to old school friends about those virtual friends lol. It’s actually quite sad.

  201. E [1] argued:

    Mainly because its fake, supports fake “friendships”, tons of added people to whom you never speak a single word, and it’s just a place to show off your newest heavy photoshop digitalized pic of yourself, otherwise you’re “not cool”.
    People don’t treat you nice as well. I also dislike it because its starting to be a standard – if you aren’t on facebook, most of people today don’t wanna talk with you and/or will never talk with you like they would if you had facebook account and added them there and put on a fancy display pic.

    Also it’s complete waste of time, one has a feeling it’s made for showing of how many friends you have – if you really care for your friends and like them, you will just go to them in person.

  202. michael caine [1] argued:

    I don’t hate facebook so much as i hate what it turns people into. Looking at strangers photos or details, telling the whole world what your doing or winning popularity contests- it just a way to be nosy and intrusive in a way that none of us would even consider in the REAL world. I am very proud to have deleted my facebook profile and people i consider REAL friends still keep in touch in other ways- everyone else con go jump 🙂

  203. Colette [1] argued:

    Could possibly encourage cyber bullying, lets complete strangers see pictures of you and your personal life, takes away privacy, is a breeding ground for stalkers and hackers and makes people self-centered. Not to mention it’s really boring to look at…

  204. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    What’s the point of using it?, there is even a guy who killed his wive, just because she change her facebook status, haha, funny isn’t it?
    as for me its just not more than profile show off!!
    i just fcking hate it,
    Fck it!!!

  205. Nessie [2] argued:

    It changes people.
    Well not really but it’s a society’s disease .
    Talk to your friends in person !!! Jeeez
    And every personal info you enter stays in their database forever,
    you’re not a person, you’re a number.

  206. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Sat on your ass long enough yet? …I mean…The guy’s only in the other room.

  207. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Makes you retarded…..Spell like a Idiot….Uploading pictures of yourself for stalkers, retards, random people and alike to freely view…As said; Why use it, Go see your friends in person… Yeah, You might get to know new people…But those said people you may never meet…and if you do, May never turn out to be what they are ‘online’.

    Facebook is S-…Use it if you want, Just don’t go Nazi on any of us, I’m personally sick of telling you people to go away.

    P.s. Sec, Just copy pasting your pictures….Collaging them…..Maybe make some fail photo’s…..put some horrible comments on them…You get the point.


  208. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because its’a waste of the best years of your life. You aren’t going to facebook the whole world when you are 40 years old, are you? Poking, inviting, tagging… the whole world is obsessed and all they want is to force you to join their evil cult. Facebook breeds a new generation of stalkers. “What are you doing now? I’m getting a popsicle! i just finished now! what are you doing? huh? HUH? hello? i haven’t gotten an update from you in ten minutes!! heloo?!?” *changes status to single*
    …the leaders of tomorrow

  209. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    wow i have 375 friends and only 2 in real life

  210. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    1. It’s like drugs.
    2. It’s a form of hypnosis that makes users pressure non-facebook users to get one.
    3. It’s not private, and people who think it is should think twice again.
    4. Collecting eggs, butterflies and snow globes while farming fields? USELESS.
    5. It’s the subject of terrible jokes to non-facebook users, like: “See you on facebook” and “I’ll get you a facebook,” which, honestly, is very offensive, especially when non-users truly want a private life.
    6. The only real reason people take pictures is to put them on facebook. It’s another way to reduce privacy for non-facebook users.
    7. It’s basically evil.

  211. rodneym [1] argued:

    facebook users are sad and pathetic. especially the ones who keep trying to invite you in over and over…almost like a cult. and i don’t need to link up to the losers i hated 20 years ago…chances are they still suck.

  212. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    all you see on facebook is skanks trying to look hot and posing for the camera and making kissy faces into the camera….get lives!

  213. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    People just want to add as many “friends” as possible

  214. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    facebook stalking

  215. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    People think “oh I’m so cool I have 350 freinds on facebook”. How many of those people could you call up for a favour?

  216. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because my wife is on facebook every fucking time she has a minute to spare , just hanging with my friends she says , yeah right , with your male friends that is ..
    U fucking whore

  217. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    A waste of time. Get real friends!

  218. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    It’s the internet dumbed down. This is an achievement in itself so perhaps it should get respect just for that, but the bigger picture is… my experience is that it’s used by people who are too stupid to cope with how the internet really works and need FB to hold their hand. Can’t install Thunderbird to send an email? That’s okay, Facebook will let you send messages! Can’t handle different accounts for discussion forums? That’s okay, one click and you’re logged into FB where you can discuss everything you ever wanted! Haven’t even heard of Usenet? That’s okay, Facebook lets you join different groups to talk about your favourite topic! Have no webspace to upload pictures of your friends leering inanely at the camera in a drunken state? That’s okay because Facebook will host them for you!
    It wouldn’t surprise me if there are a lot of FBers who think of “being online” as only using FB and are totally unaware of anything else the internet offers.

  219. Giga Robert [1] argued:

    can create problems in the family, narcissism

  220. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its just bullshit for selfish and narzistic people, i JUST HATE ALL FACEBOOKERS

  221. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    most of your facebook “friends” were not real friends.
    and i don’t want to fill my news feed with details about what’s A or B doing or getting for their lunch. if i want to know what’s up with my friends, i’ll go meet them in person!

  222. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    If your enemies find your friends it can be a disaster.

  223. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    most people go on it to beg it and know your buisness

  224. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    myspace is better

  225. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because it simply is a waist of time serzly thats why I have never made an account.

  226. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Waste of time.

  227. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    its unnecessary and it takes a lot of people’s time when they should be paying more attention to other things much more important in life.

  228. Steph [2] argued:

    It’s a waste of time. The information is kind of USELESS! Why do i have to be notified when someone sent an ice cream to another one. They don’t respect people’s privacy!

  229. James Wilson [3] argued:

    waste of time, go see your friends in person

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