Do you buy via Internet?

Some people trust Internet, some don´t. Do you buy via Internet?


I do buy via Internet

  1. YO DEALER [1] argued:

    I bought SIX pounds of grass online and I smoked it

  2. MJ [3] argued:


  3. Jesse [46] argued:

    Sometimes shipping is a pain, but often I can get much better prices on things online than in a store.

    I just bought an HDMI to DVI adapter online for a buck. I saw the same thing at best buy for 15 bucks.

    yeah no thanks best buy you can go make a ton of profit off of someone more stupid.

  4. Denis [67] argued:

    It’s convenient. You don’t have to leave your appartment.

  5. onwuegbusi obinna [1] argued:

    i’m always busy and it’s easier to buy via internet

  6. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    I hate crowds. And I don’t have to try and find a parking spot where my car will get damaged, stolen or broken into.

  7. Ali A [22] argued:

    more choices

  8. Jonathan Meager [30] argued:

    The choice is much larger than anywhere else!

  9. web designer tom [3] argued:

    Because it’s easy and safe.


I don´t buy via Internet

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