Do you use Webcams?

Some people think webcams are really useful to keep in touch with people, others feel webcams are intruders. What is yor point of view?


Yes, I do use Webcams

  1. Ronlaw [15] argued:

    It’s my mirror when I’m feeling lazy.

  2. Jesse [46] argued:

    I lol when I see people being paranoid of people hacking into their computer and watching them through their webcam.

    Even if that actually happened (which it doesn’t) what harm is being done by having someone look at you? I can stare at someone I don’t know right now in person and it wouldn’t matter, why does it matter suddenly when the internet is involved?

  3. Denis [67] argued:

    Well, I have it but I don’t use it because my internet channel speed makes it impossible.

  4. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    I’m worth seeing

  5. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    to have some fun

  6. I love electric guitar [19] argued:

    Yes, it’s an ideal way to communicate

  7. IhateDesign [3] argued:

    Because i want to see somebody in the other side of reality!

  8. Annika [1] argued:

    Because i want to see my friends when i speak with them in the Skype


No, I don´t use Webcams

  1. Mike [8] argued:

    I’m not one of those people who’s on the computer enough to need one, plus I’m not a big fan of that virtual sex stuff either…haha

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