Is there a European blogosphere?

Suggested by Ramón Suárez: There is an intense debate on the existence or inexistence of a European blogosphere. While some claim that it exists and its main language is English, other say that it does not exist at all or that it is only the sum of the local blogospheres.

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Yes, there is a European blogosphere

Suggested by Ramón Suárez

  1. Martin opinó:


  2. SofeVoxy [1] opinó:

    yes.. interesting thoughts.

  3. Umar Ahmed [1] opinó:

    Are there blogs dedicated to examining the EU, its institutions and the impact of EU-wide policies? Yes.
    Are these blogs interconnected? Yes
    Does it matter that they are not all in the same language? No
    Can there be multiple (blogo)spheres in different languages? Of course.

    Importantly, the European blogosphere is at the forefront of the creation of a European Public Sphere – a shared discursive space. This has been offered as a potential means through which confidence in the EU might expand by enhancing the processes of identification amongst citizens throughout EU member states.

  4. Brusselsblogger [1] opinó: aggregates now nearly 500 blogs with at least some EU focus. That makes at least a small blogosphere.

  5. Joe Litobarski [1] opinó:

    Because Europeans blog, and they interact with each other online. The majority of my readers come from European countries other than the UK.

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    Because there is an European identity.. at least in Brussels.

  7. linotherhino [1] opinó:

    Would we be talking about this issue if it did not exist? The problem is as always one of definition and scope: how many blogs does it take to create a “sphere”? Is English/French/German enough or do you need Slovenian too? Is it European because it talks about Europe and if so, what the hell defines talking about Europe?

  8. Ramón Suárez [16] opinó:

    It is the sum of all blogs in Europe, independent of their subject and language

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No, there is no European blogosphere

Suggested by Ramón Suárez

  1. John2010 [1] opinó:

    Not yet. The language barrier is tmho the defining factor, although Google Translate may assist understanding. The Internet language ought to be English and not f.ex. Valenciano, Frysian or Bayerisch. It’s this checkerboard of dialects/languages that prevents a “European feeling”, cultural development and a common understanding. Furthermore: failing is a new, common blog space provider (like Facebook and/or WordPress) to allow cheap or free EU people’s communication.

  2. Anonymous opinó:


  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Not yet. But I think it will come, thanks to conversations about day to day issues between people, no matter from which country they are.

  4. Ramón Suárez [16] opinó:

    There is no common sense of belonging in the grand majority of blogs nor a European perspective. Language barrier creates an English divide.