Good morning, twitter: polite netiquette or unnecessary showing off?

A lot of twitter users start the day with a “Good morning, twitter”

Is this a polite netiquette or unnecessary showing off?

Suggested by Guzmán Huerta

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A polite netiquette

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    How could this be considered rude when it is nothing but a friendly greeting to the user’s followers and friends? It indicates that the person is in a good mood and willing to chat.

2 reasons for

Unnecessary showing off

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    People rather celebrities can give their opinoin rahter tweet but why does this need to be published on channels like Zoom et al. Page 3 is enough to spread gossip about things who wants to know about all this what the celebrities say.

  2. gz opinó:

    Absolutely showing off. Who cares? Well, I don t.