Micro Blogging: Tumblr vs. Twitter

Micro Blogging: Tumblr vs. Twitter. Next step in blogging. Less text, more action.

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  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Pictures are high quality and there is way more freedom.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Tumblr is lovely

  3. Christine Mae [1] opinó:

    because i can post whatever i want and it has a Domain Name…
    also they have different themes and you can put a background music in it..!

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    tumblr is soo much better!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    is better

  6. Anonymous opinó:


  7. Anonymous opinó:

    I just enjoy using it more, simple as that

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    Never tried it :p
    Just voting!

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s easier vs blogger..

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s easy vs blogger..

  11. Anonymous opinó:


  12. Anonymous opinó:

    iPod Touch & iPhone friendly. You can post pictures, videos, etc. you can post huge blogs and there is no character limit. You can also private the blogs or your pictures or whatever. AND TUMBLR DOES THE TWITTERING FOR ME (:

  13. Anonymous opinó:

    iPhone friendly.

  14. hipster_junkie [1] opinó:

    Tumblr is much better because I have an account there…. and hipsterjunkmie.com is f_cking awesome

  15. kb [1] opinó:

    Tumblr, because there is much more freedom.

13 reasons for



  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Twitter is SMS without knowing someone’s phone number. That’s all it is.

    Calling SMS texting “microblogging” is mere rhetoric.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s not complicated.

  3. subspencious opinó:

    Because Tumblr has a twitter page.

  4. subspencious opinó:

    Because Twitter is a true Microblog. If I really cared to show mutimedia and really long discussions about what I am doing over one couple sentences. I would just use a Full blog.

  5. subash [6] opinó:

    and finally number of users in twitter is 3 times that of tumblr ..

  6. subash [6] opinó:

    and finally number of users in twitter is 3 times that of tumblr ..more people to interact

  7. subash [6] opinó:

    Auto URL shortening vis -a – vis the fucntion not available in Tumblr .. here we go .. We are levelled

  8. subash [6] opinó:

    Even on this site there is tweet button .. No Tumble button ..

  9. subash [6] opinó:

    Pretty cool site.. customizable .. has lot more APIs

  10. subash [6] opinó:

    Twitter has lot more coverage than Tumblr

  11. subash [1] opinó:

    Lot more friends on Twitter than Tumblr ..

  12. Anonymous opinó:

    iPhone friendly too. Twitter is a micro-blog not a blog – and that’s why it has its restrictions. You shall understand what you want from a social web-resource. When you understand that – you will find the most suitable for you – that’s all.

  13. gotylergo opinó:

    generally, if i want images and videos in my posts, i post them in a full blog, my blogger.

    i like twitter for just sending out fun updates. i’m sure i’ll cave one day and make a tumblr though too. =)