The best and the worst social media news website

Which one is for you the best social media newswebsite? And the worst? Why? Is it Digg, reddit, proppeler, fark, slashdot or…?


The worst social media news website is…

  1. Cirus [1] argued:

    Written by: Bryan Eisenberg

    Top 3 Problems of Social Media

    “The problem with social media is… there are more people writing it than reading it.”

  2. Janis [2] argued:

    The worst is Digg, if you´ve got enough friends you get popular if not is impossible.


The best social media news website is…

  1. ZZ Stop [2] argued:

    Digg is the most known, maybe not the best but the original.

  2. Michel R. [1] argued:

    # Janis: You don´t know what you´re talking about. Digg is the best, if the content is good it will be dugg no matter how many friends you have.

  3. Syrius White [1] argued:

    Every single day there´s a new one. It´s the best way to be informed.

    Check this out:

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