Microsoft’s Bing vs. Google

Search Engines Technology: Microsoft´s Bing vs. Google.


Microsoft´s Bing

  1. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    Because Google Go On Old Greedy Low Engine

  2. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    Google is bad hysteria … boring and dangerous hysteria

  3. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    Google is bad history… boring and bad history



  1. Ronlaw [15] argued:

    I didn’t see anything new/useful/entertaining about Bing to make me wanna change. Google, on the other hand, was unique from the time it was created.

  2. Naman Bagga [8] argued:

    BING- But Its Not Google. BING was nothing but Microsoft’s tool to take over Yahoo.

  3. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    i like it

  4. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    microsoft are history… boring old history

  5. צחוקים [2] argued:

    BING = but its not google 🙂

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