Pro or against Fidel Castro

Some call him dictator others a revolutionary man. Which one is your position about his party? Pro or against Fidel Castro?

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Pro Fidel Castro

  1. ProFidel opinó:

    He is hero. Fuck capitalism.

  2. Anonymoua opinó:

    Capitalism is selfish. People say that communism doesn’t work… as if capitalism is so flawless. How can someone like Kim Kardashian make millions of dollars- meanwhile, Joe down the street who’s actually working a minimum wage job can hardly keep himself up? Some people will die on the street, homeless under capitalism. There’s no balance, people only want more and more and more. In communism, everyone has a house. Everyone has food. Everyone is equal and isn’t potentially dying out on the street. There is more to life than material goods, expensive cars, and a whole lot of shit you don’t need and will inevitably waste.

  3. McFidelMeal [2] opinó:

    Hail McFidel

  4. FEDRE CASTELLA [2] opinó:

    He was so dank that his rules still last today riperonni fedei caste

  5. Cuba libre [1] opinó:

    He is Fidel Castro

  6. joy [1] opinó:

    he is dead

  7. fidel castro [1] opinó:

    im da best mayne

  8. Gary Steele [1] opinó:

    The cuban people will no longer have to worry about starvation under the Castro regime. The average age in cuba is ten years higher than the developed u.s.a even though Cuba is a third world country. Cuba is the most developed third world country by giving their citizens free health and their students free education. Cuba has the most qualified doctors in the world.

  9. Danny Harper [2] opinó:

    many say he was/is bad based on what they hear which is from the american side or a rumor so i understand their ignorance. although why would someone go and post a simple one line like “communism is wrong” on what could be an intellectual debate even when they know they do not know much about him or his system

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    He is the most sucessful leader of the 20th century,
    He liberated a starving nation from capitalist pigs and poured all his resources back into his people providing them with every need they required.
    He may have overthrown a right wing leader to initialy replace the original orthodox party of 1952 but identified their faults and acted upon it in a way he saw fit for his people and prospered for it.
    His country and his people owe him a dept of gratatude and he should be known as a great man with great knowledge and a pair of brass balls.

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    He was smarter than Eisenhower, and Kennedy combined. I would have lovewd to have sinner with him and E. Hemmingway, smoking cigars and drinking Cuba Libres’.

  12. Anonymous opinó:

    he overthrew a extreme right wing government and brought a more just system to an impoverished country that many until then had no idea existed and then led on to more freedoms in south american countries which were being used as a neocolony by america

  13. Open mind [2] opinó:

    Don’t say rude things without doing your homework first brother! Here’s an article proving you severely wrong on the whole civil rights and homosexuality issue. They may even surpass the “all good doing” America. Who’s the ignorant fool now! ;P

    HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 28, 2007 (CNA).- The Communist Party of Cuba has welcomed a plan to reform the country’s family laws to grant “full rights” to homosexual couples, including the adoption of children, allowing sex and identity changes for transsexuals, and in the long term, legalizing homosexual unions.

    The announcement was made by the director of the National Center for Sexual Education, Mariela Castro, during the 5th International Culture and Development Congress which was held in Havana.

    Castro, who is the daughter of interim president Raul Castro, said, “We think we should come to an agreement that there be an article in the Family Code on gender identity and sexual orientation for the right to free sexual orientation and gender identity.”

    Castro said the plan must first be approved by the Communist party bureau and later by the National Assembly. However, she said a request has already been filed with the Ministry of Public Health to allow three homosexual couples to receive reproduction assistance, in anticipation of the change in Cuban law. While she noted that there has been some resistance to the plan, she said, “Laws by themselves are not sufficient for achieving real change,” but they are essential to advancing policies.

    Regarding the legalization of homosexual unions, Castro said they could not yet be called “marriages” because that requires a change in Cuba’s Constitution. “That proposal will be made at an opportune moment. Right now changing the Family Code will be enough,” she added.

    “We have inherited a patriarchal family model,” she claimed. “We are not capable of breaking with it and we must do so,” Castro stated.

  14. Open mind [2] opinó:

    I’ll just go into more detail of what the person before said. Because of Castro’s Communist regime, there is universal literacy and a good education for all citizens. On average, there is one teacher for every 10 Cuban students, compared with the one per 15 in the United States. Also, there is an excellent free healthcare system, which attracts patients from the US and elsewhere for treatments ranging from drug dependency to melanomas, generating more than $40 million in revenue. The infant mortality rate is way lower that America’s, and Cuba has twice as many doctors per 1,000 patients than that of the US. Like said before, there is very little serious crime. In Cuba, people can find a rich sporting life in schools, where promising children are given the chance to become well-rewarded professional athletes and emulate the efforts of their world-renowned Olympic medal winners and sporting stars. This is debatable as a pro or con, but there are few neon signs and advertising billboards, no McDonalds, and no foreign newspapers or satellite TV except in the more fancy hotels. That’s all I got; Later! :P.

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    99.9% of Cubans can read and write. Cuba has not only the best education, but also the best doctors and medical professionals. Every one has health care. Crime rates are low.There is no unequal distribution of wealth. No individual is richer or poorer than the other. Why did some cubans leave Cuba? Because these “Cubans” are poisoned with capitalist ideologies. To have as much of something, without thinking of the consequences (meaning, “I can get whatever I want, eat as much as I want, and do what I want, at the expense of others). Imperialism will go down! Enough with capitalist nations getting rich off of Latin American resources!

9 reasons for

Against Fidel Castro

  1. Hans Peter Bratwurstschnitzelbierbretzel [1] opinó:

    He is no German, but he understood Marx

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    People see capitalism as a horrible thing. Such as Castro. But that is what motivates people, gets them off their broken couch to go make money and get a new one! We need capitalism because it has worked for 240 years non-stop. 240 YEARS! Yes there are people in bad situations living off welfare, yes some of them can’t get a job, but that is a very low percentage compared to how many people can get a job and make their life better. So dont expect free everything in your life. Living of the money from the middle class.

  3. Anonymous [1] opinó:

    I think you Pro Fidel Castro’s, may be forgetting something, unless you’re ignorant about the subject. Under Castro’s rule, they do have atleast 6 doctors for everyone one person, an all health care is free, BUT, they have a very lacking supply of medical drugs.

    The U.S. is the highest supplier of medical drugs in the world. Because the U.S. does not like Cuba, due to its being Communist, and to it shooting down American spy planes, (which was considered and act of war on Castro’s part) the U.S. is NOT SUPPLYING CUBA. Cuba can have one million doctors per person, but what is the point if the doctors can give LITTLE/NO MEDICAL AID REQUIRING MEDICAL DRUGS?

    Also, about the education, sure they got a good education, sure, most of the population was learning to be literate, but again, what is the point of learning new skills if you’re not able to put them to work? I.e. little work for the Cuban population.

    Under Castro, Cuban’s got free health care, and free education

    Gary Steele [1] argued: 0 0 2-28-2013 | 2:14 pm
    The cuban people will no longer have to worry about starvation under the Castro regime. The average age in cuba is ten years higher than the developed u.s.a even though Cuba is a third world country. —Cuba is the most developed third world country by giving their citizens free health and their students free education. Cuba has the most qualified doctors in the world.—

    Mainly the part I have indicated with dashes (-), They got the free health care, and education. There is little jobs for them to recieve, and for the doctors, no matter how qualified, medical drugs are becoming a necessity for medical treatment. No point in having the doctors if they can’t heal the person.

    Say you have cancer, are you really better off knowing that you have cancer, and absolutely nothing can be done about it? Or are you better off no knowing, and living your life without the fear of dying from cancer?

  4. roberto [1] opinó:

    because he is a cacaface.

  5. Michael opinó:

    Communism is death. :’)

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    obviously your not thinking about the fact that because the people are all equal and no matter how hard they work they all get the same wages which encourages people to work less. because there is no prize for people to work hard because nobody can become rich.

  7. Realistic mind [1] opinó:

    My idiot brother wouldn’t know poor economic government if it blew up in his face, and seeing as he isn’t the only ignorant fool on this blog, I’ll wisen everybody up. Grinding poverty is immensly eminant in Cuba, where half the population survives on less than $1 a day. On the other hand, a good gardener in Miami, FL can make as much as $20 in one hour. Cuba also has a pitiful transport system. Sure, they have perfectly adequate roads, but they’re served by a completely inadequate public transport, which leaves the verges lined with desperate hitchhikers spending hours to accomplish quite short and simple journeys. Cuban society’s repressive regime has at least 400 political dissidents imprisioned for up to 20 years. Also, homosexuals are severely garassed. Civil rights obviously hasn’t taken effect, causing restrictions on freedom of speech, assembly, and movement. To top it all off, citizens are being obliged to listen to the “Great Leader’s” notoriously inerminable speeches. Castro holds the United Nation’s record for the longest speech in the General Assembly-4 hours and 29 minutes- though people at home were suprised by his brevity. His last domestic speech took 150 minutes to comlete, prompting rumors that he was “ill.” Reality check! Doesn’t seem very positive now, does it?

  8. Ali A [22] opinó:

    Central planning has a record of failure

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    Communism is wrong