US Elections 2008 | John McCain vs. Barack Obama

Who will or should win the US Elections 2008? John McCain or Barack Obama? Just tell me why…

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3 reasons for

John McCain

  1. Obama opinó:

    It’s inevitable

  2. Lily opinó:

    He’s more real than B. Hussein Obama

  3. James opinó:

    Because he represents real Americans, not the elite and socialist crowd trying to do away with the middle class.

4 reasons for

Barack Obama

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    He’s young, and thinks modern. He isn’t corrupt like the dinosaurs that are in power at the moment. (Hopefully he STAYS that way!)

  2. Grundibular [1] opinó:

    Because of the last eight years.

  3. Responding to Lily opinó:

    Lily: Is Hussein supposed to be bad? I guess a name, something people don’t choose, if it’s the same as someone bad, then it must make the person sharing the name bad…

    So John Sidney McCain…

    John Evander Couey – Killed a 9 year old… and is a sex offender….

    John Wayne Gacy – convicted of the torture, rape and murder of 33 males.

    Sidney Alvin Goodyear – a serial rapist….

    Case closed…..

    So don’t be ignorant and racist and hate on him for a middle name…. if you don’t like his politics, fine, but don’t be racist and ignorant.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    He isn’t taking any money from PACs