Photoshop or Gimp?

Which one of these two is for you the best software for retouching digital images? Photoshop or Gimp? Why?



  1. Jrod [1] argued:

    It’s free easy to use, opens fast and offers alot

  2. Kris [1] argued:

    I use it, and my friends as well. The only thing that stops them is that they used photoshop first.

  3. Seretur [1] argued:

    GIMp, because is easy to use, extensible and -especially- is free

  4. Naman Bagga [8] argued:

    GIMP is 100 times better than PS.It is twice as fast as Photoshop.It is light-weight and is easier to use.It has a better interface and is opensource.GIMP is definitely the best

  5. Jane M. [2] argued:

    It´s free, that´s all.



  1. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Use of Photoshop………..

  2. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    More extensive and better features
    Clearer layout
    More accurate

  3. Endure [1] argued:

    Definitely Photoshop. GIMP, while free and fast, doesn’t have the capabilities that Photoshop does. GIMP, for a small, free program, certainly packs a nice punch for those who do not have a graphics background. However, an in-depth range of Filters, Adjustments, Actions, and compatibility with the rest of the Adobe family are just a few bonuses in my opinion for Photoshop. Photoshop is incredibly, and amazingly, expansive… and for designers like myself who need to be able to do “anything”, it’s Photoshop all the way!

  4. Larry [1] argued:

    Adobe, always Adobe.

  5. MC Ian [1] argued:

    Beacuse it´s the best.

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