Catwoman: Michelle Pfeiffer vs Halle Berry

Catwoman is the anti-heroine fictional character associated with DC Comics’ Batman.

Catwoman is been played by two of the sexiest actresses of the star system: Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

Which one is your favourite?

Suggested by Lionel Alexis Scotto

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5 reasons for

Michelle Pfeiffer

  1. Me [1] opinó:

    Halle berry didn’t even play cAtwomN. It was Anne hathaway

  2. Anonymous opinó:


  3. Joseph [5] opinó:

    Her attitude, loved her looks. Halle Barry looks good too, but Michelle Pfeiffer is on another lever. She is the essence of Catwoman. Every time I think of Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer comes to mind. She is a sexy kitten.

  4. Mistie opinó:

    While both are unbelievably sexy, I have to go with Michelle on this one. She played both sides of Catwoman perfectly and believably – Shy, frightened doormat to sensual, bold, insane bad girl. Halle’s role sadly was just more criminal and such a badly written movie, she didn’t really have a chance to shine.

  5. Jack Lowe [1] opinó:

    I just loved the fact that she was a shy, mousy secretary in one life, and then one sexy cat of a woman in the next eight lives (or was it just seven?). While she exuded sexuality, it was also her sensuality that just burned up the screen. That one scene where she straddles Batman on the ground and then cat licks him still excites me whenever I think about it!

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Halle Berry