Who was the best Joker? Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?

The Batman´s role Joker was played by two great actors. Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

Which one is your favourite?

Suggested by Lionel Alexis Scotto

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The best Joker was Jack Nicholson

  1. Joseph [5] opinó:

    Both did a great job in capturing Joker, but never was a fan of heath ledgers choice of make up. His Joker look does not look like the comic book joker. That the reason I leaned on Jack Side. Both again did a great job in interpreting joker their way. But based capturing jokers look Heath ledger falls short. Joker is suppose to look slick not like a homeless guy with bad hair.

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The best Joker was Heath Ledger

  1. Lionel Alexis [2] opinó:

    Sure I saw the amazing performance by Jack Nicholson in Burton’s version was masterful as the film itself was not worth much, however the acting of Heath Ledger was perhaps the more accurate version of the joker comics, really an interpretation sinister here to stay, at times I felt I was watching the real joker in the eye, an immortal genius of Heath Ledger, but Nicholson also captured the quintessence of the most original character in the history of comics