The best and the worst logo

Which one is for you the best logo? And the worst? Why?

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The worst logo is…

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    the 2012 olympics logo.
    soo tacky and horrible

  2. Silviatje opinó:


    but maybe it’s the best one actually.

  3. Zhik opinó:

    The worst is mine but I won´t tell you where to find it 🙂

3 reasons for

The best logo is…

  1. fanblog opinó:

    You can find here great designs:

  2. Françoise opinó:

    Yours it´s not the best but I do like it, simple and works well as a favicon, most don´t do.

    I love specially the Shell logo:

  3. Bloggest opinó:

    This is a great site to find the best logo: