The cruelest genocide | Hitler or Stalin?

Which one of these two was for you the cruelest genocide of recent history? Hitler or Stalin? Why?

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2 reasons for

Josif Stalin

  1. Britt opinó:

    He killed 7 million people.

  2. stalin opinó:

    he laughed when they told him his soldiers raped more than 8 million women, and he aimed for civilians and hitler did not, hitler also ordered his soldiers not to treat civilians bad unnecesary

2 reasons for

Adolf Hitler

  1. Danny Harper [2] opinó:

    Stalin had a true real reason to kill everyone that he did if he kill one less person 2 more would have did of starvation or in a concentration camp. as for the story about him laughing that never happened any survey on anything until 1991(PS yes he has dead by then) because of the government controlling the media and who would you think told him that one of the people in his army? one of the people trying to stop Russia from oh i don’t know Not blow up the fucking planet?

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Hitler’s aggression sparked Stalin’s more ruthless reaction.