Do you support the Anti-IE6 campaign?

Many web designers and developers are trying to bring down Internet Explorer 6 tired of spending extra time coding specifically for IE6. Do you support this campaign or do you reject it as it does Microsoft? There are still many machines using this browser. Do you think they still have the right to use it or everyone should force to make them update?

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Yes, I do support the Anti-IE6 campaign

  1. Jesse opinó:

    Yes I do. It’s an old piece of technology and we need to dump it and move on.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    IE6 is holding back web development

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    IE6 e full of security holles and does not support the standards (not even IE8 does, but it’s a lot better!)

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Standards maybe ?

  5. Maciej Maciejewski [1] opinó:

    1) IE6 is a pain in the neck for web-developers because they have to spend more time making senseless work in adjusting modern websites to IE6s buggy and outdated engine. This takes time they could spend on developing new techniques and bringing to life modern and sometimes visionary new ideas. As it takes time, it also costs a lot of money which could have been better spent.

    2) IE6 is in the way of deploying new techniques – the Web could be a better place without this relict of the Browser Wars from the XX century. Yes – for almost a decade it’s XXI century – some people tend to forget that.

    3) IE6 is a threat to its users, as it’s a buggy, insecure, outdated and slow browser.

    4) There are no good arguments in keeping IE6 alive. Yes – some people still use it, some of them claim they have to which is rarely true. If they truly can’t switch to alternative browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari, they can upgrade to IE8 which is far from perfect, but still way better than its predecessor.

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No, I do NOT support the Anti-IE6 campaign

  1. Denis [66] opinó:

    I don’t care. Why to support any anti-… campaigns? I haven’t used IE6 for years now. If developers dislike it and don’t want to support their web-apps for IE6, they can stop doing that (and tell their insisting managers that this & that just can’t be done for IE6).