The best and the worst city to live in

Which one is for you the best place or city to live in? And the worst city? Just tell me why…

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The best city to live in

  1. Jesse opinó:

    Seattle! 😀

    I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve been to many other cities but I haven’t been able to find a place as awesome as Seattle so far.

    There’s just as much culture and things to do as NYC and there is nature everywhere.

  2. Silviatje opinó:

    Amsterdam. Fun and mellow, and who cares about windows and coffeeshops apart from the tourists. I love it, and I’m not dutch.

  3. Philip Seyfi [2] opinó:

    Moscow for the same reasons 😀

  4. Arantxa opinó:

    Well, New York for young and urban people. I´d say some quiet and small city by the sea, maybe San Sebastian in Vasc Country, where I´m from.

  5. ILOVEZ [2] opinó:


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The worst city to live in

  1. Jesse opinó:

    Butte montana.

    Nobody lives there.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Any. I live in a small town in Canada. It’s nice and quiet.

  3. diaphania opinó:

    Any city. I’d much rather live in the English countryside and stay in touch with the natural world and the changing seasons (all within easy reach of London of course!)