The best and the worst city to live in

Which one is for you the best place or city to live in? And the worst city? Just tell me why…


The best city to live in

  1. Jesse [46] argued:

    Seattle! 😀

    I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve been to many other cities but I haven’t been able to find a place as awesome as Seattle so far.

    There’s just as much culture and things to do as NYC and there is nature everywhere.

  2. Silviatje [3] argued:

    Amsterdam. Fun and mellow, and who cares about windows and coffeeshops apart from the tourists. I love it, and I’m not dutch.

  3. Philip Seyfi [2] argued:

    Moscow for the same reasons 😀

  4. Arantxa [1] argued:

    Well, New York for young and urban people. I´d say some quiet and small city by the sea, maybe San Sebastian in Vasc Country, where I´m from.

  5. ILOVEZ [2] argued:



The worst city to live in

  1. Jesse [46] argued:

    Butte montana.

    Nobody lives there.

  2. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    Any. I live in a small town in Canada. It’s nice and quiet.

  3. diaphania [2] argued:

    Any city. I’d much rather live in the English countryside and stay in touch with the natural world and the changing seasons (all within easy reach of London of course!)

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