Do you celebrate your birthday?

The day you were born is an important day for you? Do you celebrate your birthday?

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Yes, I do celebrate my birthday

  1. gagan [1] opinó:

    Yes, I do celebrate my birthday because i became 1 year older that day

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No, I do NOT celebrate my birthday

  1. Jesse opinó:

    because I don’t like all the non-genuine attention I get.

    If someone wishes me a happy birthday I would like it to be because they are genuinely happy that I am one year older, not because they feel like that is what is expected of them as per tradition.

    The only reason people make others aware that it’s their birthday is because they want attention or gifts.

    The only reason people say happy birthday to others anymore is because they would look like a dick if they didn’t.

    It’s a stupid and pointless exchange of attention, possessions and superiority that I do not wish to partake in.

    Also I’ve never liked birthday parties or anything like that.

  2. Denis [66] opinó:

    I’m too old for that shit but too young to celebrate a day of my getting one year older.