Oscar 2010: Should have been Avatar actors nominated?

Did Zoe Saldana deserve a nomination for Best Actress based on her motion-capture performance as the Na’vi named Neytiri?

Academy members don´t think so but some others like the film producer, Jon Landau, doesn’t agree.

What do you think? There should have been Oscar acting noms for Avatar?


Yes, Avatar actors deserve an Oscar

  1. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Yes they do!!! especially for their cg performance! Acting in a massive green room with next to no surroundings for reference tests ones ability to act immensely. Most people are very ignorant when it comes to this subject because they do not understand how the technology works. The next-gen motion capture suits that were developed for this film capture 95% of the actors performance in both 2d and 3d space. Its really too bad that people don’t get this because i thought the performances in the CG parts of the film were extremely convincing. The story could have been a little less predictable but some of the acting was definitely worth a nomination or two, especially because of the difficulty of acting in such an uninspiring environment.

  2. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  3. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    of course, because the make us feel something that other real actors dont!

  4. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    we prefer uppre arm for taking BP


No, Avatar actors do not deserve an Oscar

  1. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    They can digitalize an orgasmus as well.

  2. Dave Metric [24] argued:

    No, in order to be a “true” actor you have to demonstrate how to act with your whole body and doing to the voice for an animated character does not accomplish this.

  3. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Its not really acting. Its sort of like a cartoon. Maybe there needs to be a new category added to the Oscars for CG actors.

  4. Al García [9] argued:

    Not the actors, nor the movie itself. Sucks…

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