Death Penalty | Pro or against?

What do you think of death penalty? Must be legal or illegal? Why?

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2 reasons for

Against Death Penalty

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    pro arguments

  2. Jane opinó:

    Too risky. Innocent people die.

3 reasons for

Pro Death Penalty

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    why are heads of mafias and gangs still alive? if the head of their organization is killed, they will start to wither. instead we let live in our jails sucking up our valuable tax dollars. kill off all these gang members, lets see how much violence will be left in our community.

  2. GGrunt opinó:

    If someone killed my son I´ll kill him myself

  3. An eye for an eye opinó:

    Just kill´em all. An eye for an eye.