Vinyl Disc Records vs. Compact Discs

Which Disc records format do you prefer? Vinyl or compact?

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5 reasons for

Vinyl Disc Records


  1. davethewave [2] opinó:

    There is nothing that compares to the true sound on vinyl. Vinyl is what HiFi is all about, it leaves nothing out.

  2. davethewave [2] opinó:

    A mint vinyl record played on A High End System
    is the true meaning of Hi Fi.Everything else fails

  3. Michael opinó:

    I like the noise it makes instead of being all clean like a CD.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    old school and warmer

  5. Jonathan Meager [37] opinó:

    Warm and friendly. Can’t be beaten

1 reason for

Compact Discs


  1. Enviar sms por internet [5] opinó:

    Better quality