Sex offenders´ identity ¿public or private?

Should the sex offenders´ identity be public or remain private? Why?

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3 reasons for

Against public notification of sex offenders’ identity

  1. I love electric guitar [13] opinó:

    How can someone ever be expected to be made ‘well’ again if they are just demonised?

  2. God [3] opinó:

    Because there are different degrees of sexual offenders and all should not be blanketed under the same label. Take for instances Genarlow Wilson, 17, and his friend who had consensual oral sex from a 15 year old girl in Georgia. It is a felony despite being consensual because she was 15. Wilson did not take the plea bargain to be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life, like his friend did, and decided to go to trial. He sat in jail for 2 years until it was later reversed.

  3. YAYA opinó:

    Because there are human rigths and even this criminals are human, aren´t they?

3 reasons for

Public notification of sex offenders’ identity

  1. Meow [1] opinó:

    Sex offenders identity’s should become public for the safety of people of all ages. If there is a sex offender in your community you should have to right to know his/her identity as well as that person’s criminal record because most sex offenders have committed more than one crime and will committ more. I think for the safety of children as well as individuals in general should be made informed of this. I do believe everyone has a right to their own privacy, but when you have committed a crime as severe as this, I think some acceptions should be made. I am currently creating a speech on this exact topic for school,and I say The identity of sex offenders should be made public for the safety of all people!

    I do not believe sex offenders can be rehabilitized. I believe they will continue the crime or continue commiting more criminal acts even after intense treatment. Yet, at the same time I believe everyone deserves a second chance.This is a very hard and contrversal topic because You cannot really judge a person because you have no idea what there life story is. For all you know a sex offender may had been generationally abused sexually or even worse at a young age and the only reason this person is commiting these crimes is because of how they were treated when they were young,what they were taught was okay, and because what happened to them made them think that was okay.for al you know that persons past abuser was abused,and that abuser was abused and that abuser and that abuser, and it goes on and on.

    Yet at the same time i believe in ending the cycle. I do believe a cycle even as difficult to break as this one,can be ended or cut off with lots of conuselling,treatment and help.

    Yet even after all that,

    I think sex offenders idenitities should be realized to the public.

    I believe we should change the way we look at sexual crimes, like if a teenager under the age of consent or legal age is having sex with someone who was 17, then turned 18. I believe that person should not be prosuctued. I believe there are different types of sex offenders and we should look closely at the crime,and make sure this person is a person who should have this label over there head

    Sex offenders identities should be made public.

    I know some rehabilitated sex offenders have been beaten up or worse because there identity waas realeased but that was those peoples choice, it had nothing to do with the sex offendor, besides they thought what they were doing was justified.

    sex offenders idenitities should be made public.

  2. Zhang opinó:

    #God so if there are several degrees, their identity should be notified according their offence. Simple as that.

  3. UOLP opinó:

    Sex Offenders

    The University of Washington Police Department considers the protection of our community from sex offenders of significant importance. The objective of the 1990 Community Protection Act was to provide adequate notice to the community concerning sex offenders who are, or will be attending, working or residing on the campus, and to assist our community members in developing constructive plans to prepare themselves and their children for residing near released sex offenders.

    Information that is relevant and necessary to protect the public and to counteract the danger created by a particular offender is released pursuant to RCW 4.24.550.

    The extent and content of the disclosure of relevant and necessary information shall be related to:

    * The risk posed by the offender to the community;
    * The location where the offender resides, intends to reside, is regularly found, or is employed; and,
    * The needs of affected community members for information that is necessary to protect their interests and safety.

    The manner and mode of dissemination is restricted by the standards set forth by the legislature and interpreted by the Washington State Supreme Court in State v. Ward, 123 Wn. 2d 488, (1994) and its progeny.