The best and the worst free e-mail service provider

Which one is for you the best free e-mail service provider (ESP)? And the worst? Why?

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The best free e-mail service provider is…

  1. tiger [1] opinó:


  2. Luca Azim [1] opinó:
    Free and safe also has encryption which is safe

  3. @SouthOkanagan on Twitter [1] opinó:

    MAIL.COM is FREE, it’s awesome because you can choose from literally HUNDREDS of domains to make your new email address under! Here are a few: and tons of job, fun, countries, music (and over 170 more) categorized domains!
    MAIL.COM even gives you FREE imap & pop3 thirdparty email client (i.e. Thunderbird, Outlook) access using your login ID & password!
    Plus, you can make sub-addresses under your main MAIL.COM address or make them all separate/new accounts each time, it’s totally up to you but I suggest creating one really good account name, then create sub-addresses underneath it, it’ll be much easier for you to keep track of your addresses that way!
    But if you’re an email account hoe like I am (over 90 current and active (some I use regularly & some I have parked for occasions where I might need them) accounts throughout the internet,,,,, etc etc).

    I hope you enjoy the FREE MAIL.COM service as much as I have over the years!

    (If you liked my tip about please come & see my youtube page & videos!)

  4. G [2] opinó:

    People who are saying that Gmail is the best free email service need to read the Terms of Service. It is scary stuff.

  5. j opinó:


  6. Anonymous opinó:


  7. Hush Hush [1] opinó:

    Hushmail. It’s private, easy and free

  8. Amelia Williams [1] opinó:

    Gmail is the best email service provider from my expierience.

  9. Krish S opinó:

    Gmail is the best free email service provider because it is fast, speed at which mails open.

  10. Krish opinó:

    Gmail is the best free email service provider because it is fast, speed at which mails open.

  11. Garnet opinó:

    Gmail! So convenient and helpful! No ads, and even a personalized background of your choice! I recommend this. Anyone using anything else, come use this one right now!

  12. Rman opinó:

    Fast, Optimized, Reliable
    Using since 2008

  13. Windwolf [1] opinó:

    Gmail. Because it’s fast, friendly user interface. And most of all: It’s just better than Yahoo.

  14. anonymous opinó:

    Gmail because its Secure, integrated, no spam, easy to use, both business and personal accounts avalible.

  15. tarscampbell [2] opinó:

    I have no idea……….. looking for it now

  16. VGuy [1] opinó: is THE BEST!!!

  17. aRauf [1] opinó:

    Gmail: Security, spam filters, integration.

  18. [email protected] [1] opinó:

    I can see every turning around for our good

  19. Anonymous opinó:

    Live mail. Works perfect with all my (devices cross platform compatibility!) and most importantly works everytime.

  20. Anonymous opinó:


  21. Anonymous opinó:

    Google because it has the best spam filters….it is great alltogether

  22. Kenny [2] opinó:

    I use AT&T net it is spam free loads fast I never had spam and they asked once for my number I declined it and they have not bugged me
    About it ever since

  23. Shashikant Singh [2] opinó:

    GMail. Fast and fluid. Fully loaded.

  24. Andrew [2] opinó:

    Zoho: Best UI and Hotmail: Clean and SkyDrive storage

  25. Anonymous opinó:

    iCloud. I might be biased, but I only use a Mac and an iPhone, a client and I never use other comps to check.

  26. Anonymous opinó: > Hotmail & Live > Gmail in that order. Outlook has a very easy interface and limited to no spam. Hotmail & Live is simple and limited to no spam. Gmail has a complicated interface for most users. but has limited to no spam. is the NEW BEST EMAIL Provider!

  27. Anonymous opinó:

  28. Anonymous opinó:

    Gmail is the best because it has great spam filters.

  29. Anonymous opinó:

    Until recently, I would’ve said GMail, but with the change of privacy policies, that changes. I can’t be specific now. The best is to choose any reliable non-US free e-mail site, if you care about privacy.

  30. Anonymous opinó:

    Gmail. Little SPAM and no other problems. YET.

  31. Anonymous opinó:

    G mail its ease of use and its ever growing reliability is top notch amongst all these ever growing line up of free email accounts

  32. Anonymous opinó:

    AOL is But not aim

  33. Acheev [2] opinó:

    Yahoo! Mail is the best. It’s fast and has the best look. There is a lot of spam but it all gets filtered out. So my choice is Y! Mail, Hotmail, and in that order(But Yahoo is way out of the others leagues!).

  34. Me opinó:


  35. ME opinó:


  36. ME opinó:

    AOL but not by much

  37. prs [1] opinó:

    Hot mail is sooooo best…..

  38. Scott opinó:


  39. Scott opinó:


  40. Scott opinó:


  41. Anonymous opinó:

    Gmail first, Yahoo second

  42. Gmail opinó:

    Gmail and hotmail. Gmail is good, but it isn’t as… Modern? It seems less modern and shiny than Hotmail. But with Gmail you get less Spam. So they are both amazing, but each have flaws.

  43. Anonymous opinó:

    Gmail, I used to use yahoo but I descoverd gmail and found it better!

  44. Anonymous opinó:

    generally societies and nations functioned much better before the internet and, ironically, people appeared to be much more genuinely intelligent, which is a paradox given the amount of info available via the internet….

  45. Anonymous opinó:

    Am still searching for the best email server and have not found it yet…after basically boycotting the entire internet for some years with rare exceptions due to criminal hackers…be they independent, coprorately employed/infiltrated or publicly employed/infiltrated…sue the search engines!!!

  46. Anonymous opinó:


  47. wickedboy opinó:

    Gmail is wonderfull

  48. Anonymous opinó:

    [email protected]

  49. Anonymous opinó:

    AOL Mail. Archived mail!!

  50. Asad opinó:

    Gmail if fine, till now i foudn no serious issue in it

  51. Anonymous opinó:


  52. Mark [1] opinó:


  53. Anonymous opinó:


  54. Anonymous opinó:

    Gmail. Spam filter are sufficient, interface is simple and works.

  55. Anonymous opinó:

    You can customise the program and you dont get that much spam
    You could also IM people right at your email homepage

  56. Anonymous opinó:

    Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail.

  57. I love electric guitar [13] opinó:

    Gmail and Hotmail

  58. Arun [1] opinó:

    Gmail is on the Top of All

  59. Murray opinó:

    Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, in that order.

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The worst free e-mail service provider is…

  1. rakesh [2] opinó:

    Sabse sada hua mail server,,or nahi jhel sakta

  2. rakesh [2] opinó:
    it is worst mail server.not working properly every day

  3. Bob opinó:

    Hotmail – Came to log in and got a message telling me that for security reasons I needed to provide a code which they would send to my second account. Did what they required to send the code, then logged on to my second account only to find a similar message about that one, with them saying that they would send a code to the first account – Catch22.
    Found another method of restoring the accounts in which Hotmail required me to provide proof of ownership by supplying recently sent addresses, subject headings, etc, etc. With much trouble I gathered all of the info required but they sent back saying that they wouldn’t or couldn’t re-establish my email service.
    I lost masses of info along with lots of contacts, etc.
    Totally disgusted. I would NOT recommend Hotmail or Outlook to anyone. Have now gone elsewhere.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Hotmail. The new “Outlook” is literally unusable. You have to close and reopen the program for every single action (like reading one e-mail or sending one e-mail Hotmail is now internet garbage.

  5. Anonymous opinó:


    I was suspended from access because of spam. I unlocked the account to find that the spam emails were from microsoft. The developer of hotmail.

  6. Anonymous opinó:


    Your account gets locked for “suspicious” activity and you only an alliance between God and Satan can unlock that.

  7. anonymus [1] opinó:

    Opera mail
    I can’t send an e mail. And I have to install the application unlike gmail or others.

  8. Barbara Cecchini [1] opinó:

    AOL. Once someone steals your email AOL does very little to help recover it. The thieves put a 2 part authentication that neither AOL or Amazon seem to be able to recover.

  9. Peter opinó:

    Yahoo is the worst email client ever, glitches, not working properly, everything is just terrible

  10. Anonymous opinó:


    they locked me out of my account. I tried to restore it by filling out a form with additional informations. Didn’t work. By sending a code to my phone. Didn’t work.

  11. Lou [1] opinó: The service still runs (why) and looks just like email did in the 90’s. It also has bugs like not updating inbox cache. You delete all of the junk and then notice you have new mail but when you open the inbox all you see is the deleted junk, not the new email. The service used to be decent but it’s mostly neglected and buggy now so not worth the time or bother.

  12. Puneet [1] opinó:

  13. INDER opinó:


  14. Mark Anthony opinó:

    Yahoo is the worst email service in the world. Period.

  15. Jo Anne opinó:

    I’ve been using for Yahoo in eight years until now: all the nightmare of ads, monthly payment for ad free and the worst. Spam/junk folders makes me nauseous whilst I’ve seen them then delete immediately. Before I’m going to buh-bye my old account, I f%#€ you Yahoo – you’re nothing as a sleaziest and lying email service!

  16. Dan Li [1] opinó:

    Of-course #1 worst is Yahoo, on top of not work very well, all personal info attached to email account will be turned over to communist China (Yahoo is now more of a Chinese company than American company), they have done these kind of evil things in the past(causing some people who criticize communist end up in communist prison for 10 years!) , so it is a fact. Just this one action alone should make Yahoo the unchallenged champion of the worse email provider. Which other email service can make you end up in prison?

  17. Anonymous opinó:


  18. Anonymous opinó:

    Slow, Retarded, Broken, Ugly
    Using since 1999

  19. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo Mail.
    Because everyone says so.
    Because it’s slow.
    Because it has glitches in every corners
    And because it’s simply the worst. Should be put down and call bankruptcy.

  20. Diana T [1] opinó:


    I had one issue that never got fixed: every email I received was sent to trash.
    customer support did answer with the official “bla bla” email, but no real support was offered.
    – customer support does not really exist.

    user interface is making it harder and slower to access the emails.
    – not user friendly at all.

    I have over 100 blocked addresses because the yahoo spam filter does not do the job.
    And I was still forced to changed my email provider because of the large amount of spam still coming in my inbox.
    – no spam protection.

    Actually yahoo forced me to change the email provider and I have to thank them for that 🙂

  21. Some Random Guy opinó:

    Yahoo sucks. Lag, horrible spam filters, useless security checks, lag, constant server crashing, and any GIFs or pictures take forever to render.

    Did I mention lag?

  22. yahoo.como

  23. Raquel [1] opinó:

    Yahoo. The timing is completely off, it’s slow, it’s always lagging. A hundred of the buttons or links to compose an email or see mail never work half the time. It’s just a pain in the butt all of it.

  24. CHintan [1] opinó:

    Yahoo mail is the worst email service i have ever seen.

  25. j.r. [1] opinó: their security is a joke. you will be immediately vulnerable…and customer service is took them a week to respond to a single inquiry and then were unfeeling and unresponsive to my issues…sty far away from this scamming company who preys on people wishing more private email.

  26. svj opinó: – is the worst e-mail service provider in the earth. horrible, pathetic services they will provider. & they are link with Big group TATA. bt still they have 3rd class service. and if u send them mail then the will never reply you. i hv send at least 6-7 reminder, bt no answer. my email is not working for last 10-15 days. they also provide u only 5 MB data size. that is ridiculous. if any one uses then pls stop it other wise they will stop u.

  27. Inbox Mail [1] opinó:

    It has got a nice design, many available names and multilingual system.

  28. k [1] opinó:

    yahoo mail
    constant problems at every level
    sometimes email wont load
    sometimes email disappears
    sometimes the site does not work

    always slow (this is consistent)

  29. Richard [1] opinó:

    Orange, because when there’s a problem
    THEY NEVER TELL ANYONE – even each other
    Communications giants – yeh! Right!

  30. Anonymous opinó:

    The new yahoo mail sucks! They took away function, functions that worked perfectly in the old version, now have problems, user interface is terrible, support completely went away, and despite thousands of users protests to go back to the old version which everyone liked and it worked just fine, the arrogant SOBs just won’t yield. The addage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, could not be more true than here. Management at Yahoo should all be fired.

  31. Anonymous opinó:

    yahoo mail. and I say so after using it for 11 years. Never works with my mobile devices and talks about security when they are worst in that class! May be the meanest of them all… sells information of its customers I’ve heard rumours…

  32. tina opinó:

    gmail, I can get into my account on my cell phone, but not on my computer! How does that make since?

  33. Anonymous opinó:

    Brighthouse Road Runner email

  34. Anonymous opinó:

    yahoo…..everything about yahoo sucks but their email is shit

  35. Kenny [2] opinó:

    The worst is google they would alway put
    Cookies on my laptop and don’t try the encrypted
    Google it is not private and google always got in my
    Way always wanting my cell number which is a big no no
    And I was getting some PayPal online with a different name

  36. Tmac [1] opinó:

    Gmail – Just using it SUCKS so bad. I thought that we learned 20+ years ago that the fewer clicks the better. Click to change to contacts. Click to change back to email. I just want to stay on the same screen like Yahoo.

    Gmail tracks and mines everything we do and then sells it. No privacy!

  37. Ann [1] opinó:

    Gmail, Yahoo, etc. – leak my info to the US

  38. Shashikant Singh [2] opinó:

    Yahoo Mail. Dated, Boring and now pointless…

  39. Noone [1] opinó: – i am sent advertisements in the body of the email by someone that has this email provider

  40. Anonymous opinó:

  41. jaden [1] opinó:

  42. me opinó:

    G mail thought i use it. Consuming Freedom by buying everything…and slowly puts you under needs with out choice. Sad mentality, sick people..

  43. Andrew [2] opinó:

    Gmail: Spmmers paradise. Getting sick of Gmail. Going to close this account soon.

  44. Rich Freese [1] opinó:

    Freeservers United online If I replied to message it never got to them. If they replied back I never received it. Now for the past week I cannot send e-mails. If I send it goes nowhere and never shows up. I have complained numerous times and receive no answer fron anyone. I only receive maybe half the e-mails sent to me

  45. Anonymous opinó: worlds shortest email address is also worlds worst e-mail, you can delete in bulk, could not find anything, mail receive after a decade and spam do not know what is spam

  46. Anonymous opinó:

  47. BT Yahoo opinó:

    BT Yahoo Mail. Numerous popups requesting password. Customer service people DO NOT CARE. 70 Pages of complaints on their forum page

  48. sathish hg [1] opinó: am unable to access my address book, old email,this is one of the worst email service provider.

  49. Yahoo: Not Safe opinó: I have been through tons of Email Providers. Yahoo is the worst. I get 20 spam messages daily (the not pleasant ones) and Yahoo is one of the easiest providers to hack. I signed on one day and found weird new contacts and a chat box at the bottom that was in the middle of a conversation from another computer. And I make really hard passwords to guess. Usually 25 characters long with capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols like !@#$%^&*(). Yahoo is not safe for anyone.

  50. Yahoo: Not Safe opinó: I have been through tons of Email Providers. Yahoo is the worst. I get 20 spam messages daily (the not pleasant ones) and Yahoo is one of the easiest providers to hack. I signed on one day and found weird new contacts and a chat box at the bottom that was in the middle of a conversation from another computer. And I make really hard passwords to guess. Usually 25 characters long with capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols like !@#$%^&*(). Yahoo is not safe for anyone.

  51. Anonymous opinó:

    Hotmail and Yahoo. Recently closed my hotmail account because of the spam. Terrible and hard to stop. Yahoo is just a little better but not much.

  52. Anonymous opinó:

    hotmail by a massive margin

  53. Anonymous opinó:

  54. Anonymous opinó:

    Hotmail is certainly the worst option. Although it is robust and somewhat powerful, I receive more SPAM and viruses from hotmail accounts than from any other. Of course, my SPAM filter detects them, but I’m curious and poke in the SPAM folder. Many times, I receive mails with ads from people I know personaly, who have hotmail accounts. When I ask them, they are unaware. So hotmail is completely unsafe and harbours tons of worms.

  55. Anonymous opinó:

    You just cant count on it! It is down fully or in part on a regular basis. Today I cant forward mail.
    Yesterday a subject coulndt be entered.
    It is on problem after another. Last week the addresses didnt work! What is next???

  56. yahoo opinó:

    they hava a brunch of crap

  57. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo. I have had it hacked twice. The amount of SPAM you will get is incredible.

  58. Anonymous opinó:

    I though Gmail was bad and they are . Don’t clean out your all mail lable as if you do it delete everything you sames in other files. what a joke
    but Yahoo and Hotmail are worst all 3 are a big zero

  59. Anonymous opinó:
    Slow, too many pop ups, worthless spam protection, worst of all its part of aol.

  60. Hates Excite opinó: Had several accounts for over ten years then one day out of the blue there was an ‘upgrade’ that made using the service impossible. It was heinous, they simply did not care that they inconvenienced their users at whatsover. They are stupid, greedy, corporate pigs. It’s sad really, used to be a nice alternative with a snappy name, now it’s unusable trash. I switched to Gmail and have never looked back. I hope Excite, and their Corporate mentor Blue Tie (just look up their company president to see a real prat) rot in Hell forever.

  61. Acheev [2] opinó:

    Gmail sucks, it’s slow, sluggish, and it doesn’t feel modern.

  62. Anonymous opinó:

    hotmail Huge spam and hacking problems. Extremely high risk that you will be blocked from your own email. And once you’ve been blocked you will never, ever get back into your email. Poor replies to your questions. Customer service is very sketchy

  63. Anonymous opinó:

    gmail is the worst because they force you to use your google account when you log into youtube because they own it so this mean if you had a previous account with youtube you can no longer log into it they also always automatically sign you in when you go to goodle which i find very annoying gmail customer service the worst

  64. opinó:

    constantly freezes, doesn’t remeber identity, no customer service, every so called improvement has been a step backward, stay away from this inept provider

  65. Anonymous opinó:

    gmail and yahoo

  66. Anonymous opinó:

    GMX Mail is the very worst with its total unreliability ans constant sign in problems. It also blocks browser spell correct and lacks it’s own.

  67. Anonymous opinó:


  68. henrique neves [1] opinó:


  69. Anonymous opinó:


  70. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo – spam filters are too much, always dumps good mail

  71. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo sucks

  72. Anonymous opinó:

  73. Anonymous opinó: Email. See review at

  74. Anonymous opinó:

    xekmail, portugalmail

  75. Hotmail opinó:

    Hotmail.I havnt received any emails now for a month

  76. Anonymous opinó:

    Hotmail – interface is too busy.

  77. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo, they absolutely fucking sucks at keeping their mail system up and running. It has more problems than Mel Gibson.

  78. Muse_PlugInBabyRiff_Sophie_97 opinó:

    I have never known Hotmail to be in service… It has always been online.

    [Just commenting on some people that said about Hotmail being in service… Random!! ]

    Thanks for reading.

  79. Muse_PlugInBabyRiff_Sophie_97 opinó:

    (I was known as “Gmail (1)” on the other side. I think that yahoo is the worst. Well, when I was on it, I never got any emails! I got about 2, and found out later that my friends had sent me loads.
    I have only gmail and hotmail. Yahoo has been my worst experience, but I have only tried those 3.
    Thanks for reading!!

  80. Anonymous opinó: after first send of mail the account is blocked and you cannot send anything

  81. Anonymous opinó:

    Hotmail, every part of it is a different page, it is slow and laggy.

  82. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo mail

  83. Anonymous opinó:

    all the major, commercial email services appear to be as crappy as the computers they are sent and received through and the internet itself…boycott the internet one day a week globally for starters!!!!!!!

  84. Anonymous opinó:

    hotmail! always in maintenance!!!

  85. Anonymous opinó:

  86. Anonymous opinó:

    Spam filter absolutely not available.

  87. Anonymous opinó:

    yahoo, it gets hacked into and its the worst

  88. Anonymous opinó:


  89. Anonymous opinó:

    yahoo.. awful spam.. i get about 70 or more emails a day that i dont want.. yahoo sucks!

  90. Anonymous opinó: Look it up and you’ll see why!

  91. Asad opinó:

    Hot mail is worst, It hacked easily and they, delete your email account if you’re inactive for some time. Bad thing is someone else can hav ethat email accoutn with same name and can use it.

  92. Anonymous opinó:

  93. Anonymous opinó:


  94. Anonymous opinó:


  95. Anonymous opinó:

    Yahoo is HORRIBLE. Spam filter nonexistant. interface nonintuitive, antiquated and almost unuseable. Countless technical errors/crashes every time i’ve ever tried to use it.

  96. Ryan [1] opinó:

    EXCITE. Been a member there since 1997. Email was generally flawless until they so called “up-graded” . Now they inject ads into my emails which causes the browser to refresh every time a new add loads. Logging in is a night mare. Getting the new app to even load is even a bigger nightmare. Works one day with FireFox and not the next. Works one day with IE, and not the next. Fugg’ these thoughtless jerks. It wasn’t an email upgrade, it was a recode to jam ads in our face, at the cost of a email app that was perfectly fine. Greedy fuks…. I’ll open an account elsewhere and spread the word about you.

  97. Akash [1] opinó:

    Stand Alone– Break Thru mail(

    Alongside it gives just 5 MB of email storage, you will recieve 1 out of every 10 mails sent to you….. I’ve tried it!!!!

  98. Anonymous opinó:

    The worst service!!! They send trash to the box by tens. Their Spam does not work. They keep you busy all the time

  99. yahoo opinó:

    Mail takes forever to receive

  100. ansim [5] opinó:

    Comcast I never get inportant emails from my bussiness. so they have to call me