Do you use Photoshop CS3 or an older version?

Suggested by Javo: an useful question for all designers, do you really think that you must be always updated with Photoshop or you can save time and effort using an old version? Just tell me why…

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2 reasons for

A previous version

Suggested by Javo

  1. CS3 opinó:

    You always have to stay current.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    version 7 was pretty good

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Adobe Photoshop CS3

Suggested by Javo

  1. gLaDieZz [1] opinó:

    I think upgrading to a new version is not an option. If we did not upgrade ourselves step by step, we would have to make extra effort when another new version is out. It’s too late when we find that we’re outdated. Same goes to the quote, we stay young as we keep learning, grows old and outdate only when you stop.

  2. adamwhiles opinó:

    new versions are always better

  3. Blogger [1] opinó:

    ¡Because it’s new!

  4. Bucket opinó:

    CS3 is free!