Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Two fictional universes, sci-fiction and fans all over the world. Which one is the best for you?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

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Star Wars is better than Star Trek

  1. Jesse opinó:

    Star Wars CANON is cooler than star trek and it also has far better video games. Jedi and sith beats any political mumbo jumbo with star trek any day. I think star trek fans tend to be more realists whereas star wars appeals to true fantasy nerds. Trekkie’s like star trek because it’s a realist portrayal of humans going to space. I don’t care if we ever go to other worlds or not.

    Star trek has some amazing movies but they still don’t have that special aspect that the original star wars films have.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    It´s much cooler

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Star Wars is cooler

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Star Trek is better than Star Wars

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Star Trek has an interesting cast of characters that keep the show entertaining. Every episode involves physisophical questions, humor, and action. Also, each series poses a different point of view. The plot is not restricted to just a few characters like it is in Star Wars.