Do you agree with animal experimentation for human purposes?

Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals? Are there alternatives? Have the animals rights?

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Yes, I support animal testing for medical purposes

  1. Dave Metric opinó:

    I’ll say yes, because there are so many things about our own biology we wouldn’t know if we didn’t test on animals.

  2. denis leary [1] opinó:

    If hooking a monkey up to a car battery is going to find a cure for AIDS, then I’ve only got two things to say: Red is positive and black is negative.

  3. Denis [66] opinó:

    Animal rights. You must be joking. Animals do not have feelings, they have instincts. They feel pain but can’t think of it. So they take it easier.
    Consider how much you hurt your pets just by keeping them and making them do what you want not what they want. But you still keep it, don’t you? Animal testing hurts less.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    because im stupid

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Without animal testing we wouldn’t have the vaccines we have today, such as vaccines for polio, mumps, rabies, and many more. We also wouldn’t have medication for animals such as heart worm medication.

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No, I don´t. I support animal rights

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    They are living things. They might suffer or be in pain. You don’t actually know if they have feelings. Humans are animals too. Just because humans think that you are better than or smarter than other animals doesn’t mean that you are. Heck, maybe the animals are just as smart in their own ways or language. even a simple search can reveal that nociception is found, in one form or another, across all major animal taxa. they can feel pain.

  2. andrea [1] opinó:

    I do not support animal experimentation because it brings pain and hurt and sometimes even death to harmless creatures, scientist forget to put themselves in that position and dont realize what they are doing and therefore they are in the wrong. think people if you were that harmless, defenseless creature would you what experiments to be tested on you?so why do it?

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    why not test on humans? that’s what the nazis did to the jewish. they cut off their arms and sowed them back on to see what would happen. this is how many of today’s medical advances were made possible. that’s how people get arm transplants or can replace a finger just after it’s taken off. we are all animals, so who’s to say that testing on ourselves doesn’t happen?

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    because we are animals too. if it is because of the inferior intelligence of animals, it would be like experimenting on someone who is mentally disabled and has the same mentaly capability as say, a cat.

  5. Jimmy opinó:

    Because NOBODY has the right to use others to help themselves.. Some people here say they don’t have feeling, so they feel pain less then we?! What kind of nonsense is that?! So, you’re telling me that a cold-bloodel killer, a human monstrum who obviously has no feeling for other humans or any life for whatsoever, can endure pain much better than myslef? You must be joking. Yes, he IS scum, but he DOES feel pain.
    Oh, and a short biology lesson for you,Denis – instincts have NOTHING to do with feeling pain. Feeling pain is related to CNS (nervous system) which all animals have developed.
    And I don’t know in which conditions people like you make your pets live in, but I sure as hell don’t order mine to do stuff for me. Gimme a break.

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    How can anybody seriously believe that animals don’t have feelings? Are you that stupid? You are an animal in every sense of the word! Anyone who thinks that animals do not have feelings does not deserve to be human!
    Testing should be done on criminals and convicts so that we get accurate testing and remove idiots from the gene pool all in one go.
    Animals certainly have rights.

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    because animals have rights to leave in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous opinó:


  9. Anonymous opinó:

    because animals have feeling just like we do they know happiness, sad and mad. i am sure they can feel pain too. The some medicines have very fatal side affects and if we don’t want to feel pain than why should animals. God put them on this for us yes but, being cruel to them isn’t what he wanted.