Is there a perfect crime?

A perfect crime is a crime committed with sufficient planning and skill that no evidence is apparent, and the culprit cannot be traced. Is it possible or all “perfect” crimes merely have not yet been solved?

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It´s possible to commit a perfect crime


  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Perhaps, until science catches up with you. But by then you might be dead anyways or the crime will be so old that no one will care.

  2. someone opinó:

    alone and tell no one EVER…

3 reasons for

There is NOT a perfect crime


  1. Anonymous opinó:

    what is ‘perfect’. perfection in itself is not possible.

  2. Denis [66] opinó:

    Perfect crime is one committed by an untouchable person. Everybody knows, nobody can do something. But, it’s not a perfect crime in a way mentioned above.

  3. Israeli Sex [2] opinó:

    Only God can judge us.