Abortion | Legal or illegal?

What do you think of abortion? Must be legal or illegal? Why?

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4 reasons for

Illegal Abortion

  1. Troy Rockwood opinó:

    I think that social science research can provide some guidance here. It is clear from research that women who have abortions have more health problems and quite a few more mental problems after the abortion. Of course in this sense, if you want to do something bad to yourself, you should have that right.
    On the other hand, it’s not ok to hurt someone else. The question about when life begins is hotly debated and not at all clear. Some contend that life begins at conception (for instance the Catholic church I believe teaches this – correct me if I am wrong, I am not a Catholic). There is legislation pending in California to codify this time as the time life (and therefore the benefits of “person-hood”) begins. Others hold to the other extreme that life begins only after delivery. Obviously there are problems with all definitions and some have taken the point of view that life must be able to sustain itself in order to be called life but again, there are quite a few adult hospital patients for instance that would not be able to pass this test. Given the difficulty, unless a very clever argument can be made, it seems that this is not the correct way to approach this problem.
    I believe the correct way to approach the problem is from the point of view of choice and accountability. In nearly all cases, abortions are performed because a woman and a man did not like the consequences to their choices (specifically they made a choice to engage in sexual intercourse and did not like the consequence of starting a new life.) In the cases where intercourse is forced, it may be that other measures may be taken but I believe that much progress can be made by considering the case that is most often confronted. Rather than trying to take away the consequences to a bad decision, especially where taking those consequences away may result in the death of another person (which is the above debate), recognize that the choice to create life has already been made and that other arrangements are necessary.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    It shouid be illegal If you abort achild the mom

  3. Kagura-Roseh opinó:

    It really all comes down to whether you’re comfortable with killing your baby. But, I have to say that I think it should be illegal. People need to use their brains and think of what the consequences might be. USE CONDOMS.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Nobody must killed a baby, it´s a human life after all.

5 reasons for

Legal Abortion

  1. Jesse opinó:

    A fetus is not a human. It becomes a human upon birth, not before.
    Pregnancy has a higher fatality rate than abortions and if abortion is made illegal then illegal abortions will be propagated. Illegal abortions have a MUCH higher fatality rate and by taking away the legal options that is what you are leaving people with.

    If someone wants to get an abortion you cannot stop them from doing so. You might as well let them do it the safe way IN A CLINIC not in a back alley somewhere. So what is truly immoral? Supporting normal abortion or supporting illegal abortions? Cuz if you don’t support legal ones you are propagating the illegal ones. You may want to consider that before you blindly follow your code of ethics if you are pro-life.

    Sorry to say but babies ruin lives a lot of the time. Don’t try and butter it up with stuff about the magic of life. Many people cannot afford to raise a child and often fall into horrible financial situations which doesn’t help the economy at all when this occurs on a broad basis.

    The life of a potential baby should not dwarf the life of an already existing and contributing member of society.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    let them abort, religion is a lie anyways. an unwanted baby will just end up in a life of crime anyways. our crime rates went down in the 80’s and 90’s because we had abortions and not just kids growing up in households where the family was unable to support them.

  3. Nugger opinó:

    I’m going to have to say that I’m not only for legal abortions, but *forced* abortions. Because fuck kids.

  4. whataslacker opinó:

    If you are against abortion don’t have one. But the safe, legal option should be there if a person needs or wants it.

  5. Cindy opinó:

    And what about my own life? I have the rigth to decide