The best and the worst Customer Service

Which company has the worst Customer Service? And the best?


The company with the Best Customer Service is…

  1. Ali A [22] argued:

    Fido Canada, Panago Pizza

  2. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    Tmobile. They have the best reps ever.

  3. travelguard insurance [1] argued:

    they answer phones within 30 seconds. 24/7/365 availability. The service is all in house from wisconsin, which means that you questions are answered by a rep who’s only job is that one product. They go above and beyond in providing people with solutions to their travel problems.


The company with the Worst Customer Service is…

  1. Ali A [22] argued:

    Pizza Hut customer service

  2. anonymous [17] argued:

    Dell…they take forever. worst than the IRS

  3. Anonymous [1712] argued:


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