Electric guitar vs. Acoustic guitar

Which sound do you prefer? Electric guitar or Acoustic guitar?

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Electric guitar

Suggested by nycbs

  1. Jonathan Meager [37] opinó:

    Definitely electric – the versatlity of tone is amazing!

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Acoustic guitar

Suggested by nycbs

  1. deci o bells [5] opinó:

    I used to play an electric guitar around 20 years ago. Haven’t touched one since nor an acoustic one either. In any case I do remember It being a lot easier to play then say for example a classical guitar. Because on electric if you miss notes people will not notice (the notes are ALL ringing in to each other) but if you miss notes on acoustic instrument it sticks out a lot. So one has to be a lot more accurate in their technique.
    That is the difference. Some people claim this or that electric guitar player to be the best in the world? Nonsense the best guitar players in the world master the acoustic. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy SOME rock music but there you have it.

  2. jame [1] opinó:

    i like the acoustic guitar