Do you like the makeup look?

Some people think the more natural they look, the better, others wears makeup everywhere. Do you like the makeup look or not? Why?


Yes, I do like the makeup look


    No, I do NOT like the makeup look

    1. meenakshi [6] argued:

      no…woman is beautiful naturally..doesnt need will hide her natural beauty

    2. Jesse [46] argued:

      Heavy and regular makeup use ruins a persons face.

      I like girls with natural beauty and the confidence to show it off rather than cover it up with a mask of makeup.

      Makeup does not just compliment a face, it can change it entirely. Never assume a girl has an amazing face if she’s wearing heavy makeup. You may find yourself proven horribly wrong.

    3. A. [1] argued:

      Jest bardzo sztuczny.

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