Dolls: Barbie vs. Bratz

Despite what children may like, these two famous dolls, Barbie and Bratz are in all medias because of their dispute about the original and the fake. Mattel and MGA Entertainment are facing each other in court. Which one is for you the best “original” design? Just tell me why…

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8 reasons for

Barbie | Mattel

  1. Brooke opinó:

    How old do girls out grow them.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    she is more realistic and dresses more appropriately than bratz

  3. Anonymous opinó:


  4. Anonymous opinó:

    i don,t know . but like my butt

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    i look like one

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    I win you lose

  7. bartz are to older for kids under 11 [1] opinó:

    bad stuff is on youtube about barbie clothes rip to early you can tear barbie legs and arms of easyly barbie says on youtube she will kill her self at the end it said r.i.p barbie by the way Im only 10 years old

  8. nusato opinó:

    Because I don’t want little girls growing up thinking they have to be crack-addicted whores to get attention. Ok, so Barbie is boring and old-fashioned. At least her face looks like a normal human and she’s a grown woman, even if her feet are deformed by her high heel habit. But she’s still a much better role model than the prepubescent slutbombs of Bratz. Talk about distorting body image and setting bad expectations! Is Bratz really supposed to be for little girls to play with, or is it just for pedophiles to jack off to?

8 reasons for

Bratz | MGA Entertainment

  1. Evelyn Jackson [1] opinó:

    Brtaz because I liked that they were different form barbie. Bratz are the reason why I like fashion so much. I had 33 dolls. I can see why parents wouldn’t want their girls to have one because of the clothing, but in no way can I see girls wanting to make their heads bigger and becoming shorter. I think it all depends on how the parent reacts to it. You let your child play with barbie. Go ahead. You let your child play with Bratz. Go ahead. I will always be a devoted Bratz fan.

  2. Bratz opinó:


  3. Anonymous opinó:

    are bratz gone

  4. Anonymous opinó:


  5. Anonymous opinó:

    bratz are more slutter then barbies

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    They are better looking. Why let your child play with a blonde bimbo when she can have a doll that can be ethnic, hot, and newer? Barbie has big boobs and kids try and be like her! She is a slut and a cougar! She had kids with ken, divorced, remarried to Blaine, dumped him, went bac 2 ken! hello?

  7. glammink [1] opinó:

    she is super stylin! More stylish than Barbie. BRATZ ROX!

  8. Whone [1] opinó:

    They’re so much hotter~