Black-and-white Photography vs. Color Photography

Years ago color photography was expensive, today it is not. Digital photography is for everyone, now everybody can convert it to greyscale. In any case, which one do you prefer? Black-and-White Photography or Color Photography? Just tell me why…

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6 reasons for

Black-and-white Photography

  1. Oliver Foxley [2] opinó:

    You can indeed move from colour to black and white but proper black and white film has 11 stops exposure latitude and the tonal range from true black to white with all greys in between is not even comparable to digital black and white. Check out Ansel Adams Zonal System – pushing black and white way beyond digital capabilities. Lets face it though digital is the way forward comercially and after photoshop work the results in black and white can be still be stunning. The crucial thing is that black and white isn’t just for turning a bad colour photo into something with ‘an effect’ – an increasingly annoying digital concept, it is instead in my view, a different way of highlighting form and texture.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    because it shows more emotion

  3. whataslacker [5] opinó:

    Love the contrast of black and white photos

  4. Allen [1] opinó:

    Black and white photography definitely is more dramatic, as long as you pay attention to the tonal range.

  5. Arioco [1] opinó:

    it’s more sentitive…

  6. Samsal opinó:

    I miss old times when every photo was in black-and-white. It creates a dream from reality.

7 reasons for

Color Photography

  1. Oliver Foxley [2] opinó:

    I prefer colour because it is honest, it can record what we see and the best photographers can make that look anything but ordinary without having to resort to converting pictures into monochrome etc. That said B&W has its own unique place for certain subject matter, I especially love it for high contrast work.

  2. George @ TTL Wedding Photography [1] opinó:

    Just shoot in color and then photoshop it later.

  3. photography abdu [1] opinó:

    many more tips color photography

  4. Adam Cavanagh [1] opinó:

    I like both, but by shooting in colour, I can still convert B&W and variations of B&W

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    You can easily remove the colour.

  6. Lik opinó:

    You can move from colour to black and white, and not the other way round.

  7. Mike [1] opinó:

    What’s the point, why not just shoot in color and then photoshop it later?