Cloud Storage vs. Flash Storage

Where do you prefer to store your need-to-have files? In a Flash drive or in the cloud? Do You Thumb Drive or Dropbox?

Suggested by Ramón Suárez inspired by this poll at Lifehacker: Do You Thumb Drive or Dropbox?

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Cloud Storage

  1. Cloud! Phisical storage sucks: they get lost or stop working, no way to easily sync them… Too many inconveniences. I am basically using my phone now instead as a the least favorable option to be sure that last minute changes in presentations are used (you can not trust the reliability of Internet connections at events). And even then my prefered way is to sync from Dropbox.

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Flash Storage

  1. Jesse opinó:

    Storing stuff online is an easy way to get your stuff stolen. Playstation can’t even keep your credit card numbers secure.