Should homosexuals have adoption rights?

Suggested by Melisa: A current debate about rights and equality, children, family, education and sexuality. Should a homosexual couple be able to adopt a child?

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Yes, homosexuals should have the equal rights to adopt as heterosexual couples

Suggested by Melisa

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    to anonymous[1619], what do you mean by “our kids” if you put them up for adoption, even if it was forced or you had no choice, they are not your kids anymore, unless you put them up for adoption and adopt them back…which is super weird. And just because they are gay doesn’t mean that they will harm the children. They have just about as much of a possibility of abusing the children as heterosexual couples do.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    They should have equal rights as they are equal. There is nothing wrong in being gay, and sexual orientation does not affect the bringing up of children. Even if children born will become more tolerant towards homosexuals, there is nothing wrong in that. Just because the world is more tolerant to wards homosexuals does not necessarily mean that more people will want to become homosexuals. It’s in your genes whether you are a homosexual or not, not of choice, unless they are actually bisexual.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    why should we let them adopt our kids!!!!and they might harm them because they are gay

  4. Shalandria [1] opinó:

    Yes, because there are loving homosexual couples who can raise a child equally if not better than a heterosexual couple. You should not use sexual orientation as a determinant in the matter of adopting kids. Who’s to say that a heterosexual couple will raise a child better or love them more. I believe a kid should be with whom ever is better suited.

  5. anti prejudice [1] opinó:

    its ignorant, and prejudice, for people who dont think its right for a gay or lesbian couple to have the right to adopt maybe they need to take the time to do some research. i am a child who was raised by a homosexual couple and i can tell you i am living the best life ever thanks 2 them. i was a foster child the first 10 yrs of my life and it was horrible. b4 my parents adopted me i never felt what being loved and being wanted felt like. they were able to give me a loving home and enough financial support for me and my brothers to go to college and make something of ourself. i have two younger brothers raised by the same parents and heading in the same direction as me. now how many heterosexual couples out there can provide the same help my parents gave me? how many of you prejudice parents can provide a roof over a childs head, a safe place to call home, education, and support to their children who by the way are a heterosexual and never ones “traded for sex” as Ali A over there said. my fathers are well educated, loving caring men and i woul’nd trade them for any heterosexual parent on earth. And “God” as you call yourself i had a wonderful upbringing and none of my friends are as close minded as you. My brothers nor I have ever been bullied without mercy and all our friends know my parents are homosexual. and if theres any one who should be “lucky enough to be rounded up” are people like you. youre probably a racist and a nazi and should be put in an island with other prejudice and nazis for being part of the reason y this world is as negative as it is.. Hopefully your children will come out homosexual to see if you have it in you to hate and speak of them the way you speak about my fathers and the other fathers and mothers out there who care about the children and not about what sexual orientation they come from.

  6. Jonathan Meager [37] opinó:

    Of course, they are as capable parents as any others

7 reasons for

No, homosexuals should not have the equal rights to adopt as heterosexual couples

Suggested by Melisa

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    The children might be bullied or laughed at for having homosexual parents

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    No because it takes a man and a woman to raise a child not a man and another man or the same with a woman and another woman. Even though there are a select few that are good for parenting, for the most part when the child is younger they will be confused. I know this from experience and they will acted out on it. I know a young girl that is now 18 and hates her mother because she is gay. Her mother put her through HELL!!! and this is her real blood mother. If a true parent can do that to their child why do you think a foster parent wouldn’t (not saying that they would) No mater what people say homosexuality is wrong God says so in His word just read it.

  3. Denis [66] opinó:

    Kids adopted by homosexuals will be tolerant to homosexuality and that is bad. The more people are tolerant towards H.’s the more people would (like to) become H.’s (it’s a matter of choice for the most). And that is bad for civilization purposes. The more H.’s are the closer our race is to extinction

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  6. Ali A [22] opinó:

    no because the rules for adoption are not to stop homosexuals from having children but to prevent men in adopting kids to exploit into the sex trade. The rules do help out but should be revised considering there are more openly gay men and women who want to adopt.

  7. God opinó:

    Having homosexual parents should qualify as child abuse. There is a 100% chance that they will be bullied without mercy. They should only have the ability to adopt children if they live in an all homosexual community. Another community to live in would be one where the schools allow only kids with homosexual parents. They all say having homosexual parents does not affect the upbringing of a child but that is nonsense. In a world where gays are lucky they aren’t rounded up, children of gay parents will surely be scarred for life.