Burger King vs. McDonald’s

These two companies are famous by their hamburguers. Which one do you prefer? Burger King or McDonald’s? Why?

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  1. Deon opinó:

    I wish they would go back to beef tallow for their fries.For real. That’s when the fries relaly rocked. Nothing wrong with their food at all. A double quarter pounder with cheese will keep you going all night long through a busy service. Fun Chef Mojo fact: Chef Mojo got his start in cooking at the McDonald’s on Baker Street in London in 1978, which at the time, was the busiest McDonalds in the world. I gave up on their milkshakes after cleaning the machines; there’s just no way to get that sour smell out of them. Best sandwich invented by employees, but never implemented? Perennial staff lunch fave: Double Quarter Pounder Big Macs. Simply sub 1/4 pounder patties for the small ones. McDonalds lost a bet on that one. Best McDonald’s customers in London? Arabs. Man, those guys would pull up in a gold plated Rolls just before closing, order for 50 people and tip each of you a3500. They were especially generous during Ramadan.

  2. Muse_PlugInBabyRiff_Sophie_97 opinó:

    Now, here’s an interesting subject!!

    Burger King : I love the burgers, they are top class. Rather than McDonalds where the burgers are all mush (apart from the Chicken ones, they are awesome!!) With Burger King, the chicken is very fatty and slimy. I just don’t like it.

    McDonalds : Sometimes the burgers turn out like mush when you order them, but it depends on the place where the McDonald’s is. Becuase, some McDonald’s restaurants are very nice!!

    Over all, I’d say McDonalds. Because their fries are nice and salty (the way I like them), the Chicken is very well cooked! Not Burger King because their chicken isn’t very nice, the fries seem a bit crunchy but the burgers are nice!!

    One other thing : McDonald’s fries aren’t always floppy, it depends on the McDonalds you go to, some are very, very good McDonalds where burgers are prepared perfectly. It’s the same with most restaurants.

    Thanks for Reading this long and painful comment!!

  3. katycat [1] opinó:

    McD is better. Cheaper, good menu items. I went to BK in Miami, FL and the employees weren’t wearing gloves. I saw her touch my sandwich (meat, cheese, everything) with her bare hands. When asked why they don’t have gloves on the employee said “we don’t have to wear them”. Eww. McD employees always have gloves on, I check every time 😉

  4. Sandy M [9] opinó:

    McDonalds for their fries!

  5. whataslacker opinó:

    Well, if I am to judge it on the Burgers alone I would have to go with McDonalds. Not a fan of the fake smoke and the charred black bits on the BK burgers.

    Also the last time I went to BK they wouldn’t let me have it my way! (Supposedly out of pickles.)

  6. Naman Bagga opinó:

    Much better stuff

  7. blabby opinó:

    #1 French Fries, hands down. And Hi-C Orange is the best.

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Burger King

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    much better burgers
    mcdonalds is terrible and I will not eat their food
    burger king has better food across the board and they add new food to the menu all the time so theres always something new to try….you dont get that at mcdonalds

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    its just better

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    who get more money than the other

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    its healhier and and taste better

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    i like there onion rings id give them a 9.6 out of 10 0 is horrible 10 is about the best there is and there fries id give a b+ id give mcdonalds fries would be a C+ i think there cheeseburgers are 7x better than mcdonalds and there regular hamburger is 4x as good as mcdonalds.

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    Burger King is better because they have the best burgers and fries.

  7. kat [1] opinó:

    kay, so,why BurgerKing is better? For starters, fresh fries, seriously they’re fresh, and they taste good. And the place is actually clean compared to most of the McDonalds I’ve been to .
    I have one question for Katycat though – what’s the dif. between wearing gloves and not? You touch the same stuff either way, and they do wash their hands …

    The burgers are bigger, they taste better, and there’s alot less grease.

  8. BurgerMan [1] opinó:

    Bigger Burgers…and the big mac is so small…

  9. ansim [5] opinó:

    Much better food!

  10. Mizé [1] opinó:

    I used to go to McDonnalds more often because my daughter loves the toys they offer in kids menus but since I discovered “Angus Burger Menu” from BK and their french fries I almost quited going to McDonnals. The harder part is convincing my daughter, because BK´s toys in Kids menus are not as nice as McDonald´s.
    I liked your site very much, great idea.

  11. BK [2] opinó:

    Better french fries, delicious, juicy chicken breast sandwiches, frame-broiled burgers, and their near constant inventions of new sandwiches.
    Not to mention some of the best breakfast sandwiches to date.
    Ask me to choose between McDonald’s floppy fries and the crisp refreshing flavor of BK’s french fries… The choice is easy.
    Plus, BK has real ingredients in their food, whereas any time I’ve had McDonald’s, I felt as if I were munching down on paper towels than potatoes.