Would you practice nudism or naturism?

Do you defend social nudity in private and in public? Would you practice nudism or naturism?

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25 reasons for

Yes, I’d practice nudism or naturism

  1. Bryce [1] opinó:

    Because nudist is nice

  2. Anonymous [1] opinó:

    Yes, nudity is not something to hide or to be scared of. I practice nudity at my leisure and i always feel a sense of being. skin is beautiful no matter who it is and we’ve been given a body to take care of.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    its ten times more confortable i already do

  4. Ulongo [1] opinó:

    It feels so comfortable and so near to nature!! I wonder why don’t everyone act like us?? Unfortunately many misunderstand nudism as exhibitionism becuase partial excitement does occur but that is not cosidered as natural. That’s why nudism can safely be practiced only in private, especially in India. I would like to interact with other like minded people of both sex on this subject.

  5. Kosie Fourie [1] opinó:

    I feel comfertable with body, I don’t like feeling clothes on my skin.

  6. nakedrhode [1] opinó:

    I have been a complete nudist for many years to the point I go nude at all times unless it is absolutely neccessary to cover up .I find it very comfortable and it suits my easy going non judgemental personality.I first started going nude at a young age and met alot of like minded people who were very much like me .It also gets rid of alot of social boundaries .Once naked every one is the same so people tend to mix alot easier and there is no judgement.I hope I explained this clearly dont claim to be the most educated person in the world .If you are not a practising nudist please try it and get to know some nudists I promise you wont regret it.Stay naked.

  7. Kevin opinó:

    Because I’m a nudist.

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    i would practice nudism in private and public to help express my self

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s reminds me of my humanity

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s fun & relaxing to be naked and there’s no reason to be hung up about the human body.

  11. Dan opinó:

    Because it feels so good to feel the sun and wind on your skin. We are only truly free when we toss our clothes and walk or swim without the boundaries, confinement and definition that clothing forces on us. Find a private yard or some place you can shed your clothes and take a deep breath.

  12. Anonymous opinó:

    I found it to be very comfortable. Besides, after awhile you forget that you and those around you are nude.

  13. Anonymous opinó:

    Because there is nothing bad about human body. It’s the person’s intention that can make it unhealthy.

  14. David - a nudist [1] opinó:

    Of course, it’d be a lot easier if people would stop banning nudity in public just because some people are offended by it. So, the real answer to this question is “I would practice nudism or naturism if it wasn’t illegal in public.” I live in New Jersey in the USA. That is all.

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    I would and I do because it make me feel free and alive. I have also met a crowd of really great people who seem to have as many prejudices as they have clothes, i.e. None! Body acceptance is a big part of it – it teaches you that it’s OK to not look like a fashion model…

  16. Anonymous opinó:

    it’s just more comfortable.

  17. Brian Jeanes opinó:

    I am a strong advocate that what works for some humans on this planet can work for all humans. There are plenty of countries that have more reasonable laws about nudity and naturism and they also happen to have less sex crimes. We’re unnaturally covering our beauty and that causes body image problems, anorexia, and bulimia. We demonize sex and sexuality while glorifying violence. We restrict when we need to step back and let people live their lives. I would be naked all of the time except in times where protection was beneficial if I was free to do so. There’s nothing like the feel of fresh water, warm sun, cool grass, and much more when felt against a nude body.

  18. Anonymous opinó:

    Because being naked is natural.

  19. Matthew opinó:

    yes, the human body is a natural, beautiful thing

  20. Anonymous opinó:

    More comfortable on hot days

  21. Anonymous [1] opinó:

    nothing feels as comfortable as being outside nude.

  22. Anonymous opinó:

    yes i do .

  23. Anonymous opinó:

    Because we were born naked

  24. Anonymous opinó:

    Because I like to and I do not cause any harm

  25. Barry. opinó:

    Being nude gives you a great sense of freedom and practicing nudists the the most friendly and sincere people that you could find.

3 reasons for

No, I’d not practice nudism neither naturism

  1. Denis [66] opinó:

    For hygienic purposes, at least. Furthermore, it offends many people while dressed people don’t offend anyone.

    I don’t call for banning nudists but I call for nudists (as well as for anyone else) to think of others.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    becouse its feel naked (=^\)

  3. ian opinó:

    I love to watch not be watched