Mac vs. PC

Dani Soler suggested this dichotomy, are you a pc user or do you prefer macintosh? Why?

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  1. Jonathan Meager [37] opinó:

    It just works – simple

  2. Silviatje opinó:

    Restart in 36 seconds, never crashed once, no antivirus needed for the moment, so user friendly my mom would be able to install applications on it. Not going back to a pc ever… Vista?! Come on.

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  1. Ronlaw [15] opinó:

    Apple is as good as it’s limited. I’d say Apple is a bicycle and PC is a car. I’m aware I can be stuck at times with the car but it get me a lot more places than a bike and, of course, I can install an infinite number of gadgets in my car that simply won’t work on a bike.

  2. Derek. opinó:

    I grew up on PC’s. MAC is for idiots that can’t figure out how to do any more than just CLICK and expect it to work while they pay 3-4 times as much for half the technology in a proprietary package as a PC would provide in the same Cash-bracket with literally thousands of times more configuration options. PC’s have much more software available and are a domination in the market for business and Internet file repositories and well I could go on and on. you get the point. apple.. the letter i stands for “idiot” IE idiotPhone idiotPad idiotPod etc.

  3. Jesse opinó:

    Macs are only able to compete in the electronic industry and sell for such overmarked prices because of marketing tactics by apple to keep certain software exclusive to only it’s devices and the fact that they appeal to people who aren’t willing to put time into learning how to use a computer even though this kind of money influenced laziness/behavior is preventing humans from more easily integrating with this technology and is limiting us to problems like having to make more “user friendly” interfaces that make the more advanced functions and possibilities of the average personal computer harder to utilize and make computing incredibly less efficient overall when really all we need to do is make computing exclusive to the people who are willing to put the time into learning how to use them much like we do with cars.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Windows 7 64-bit. Everything Vista should have been.

    With a PC, you can buy ANY video card and have drivers for it. You can upgrade your CPU, motherboard, RAM is cheaper. EVERYTHING is cheaper. And there’s more software to choose from.

  5. Thomas [1] opinó:

    I have to create websites and browser-safeness is a very important criteria. Most people use PC so I have to make sure that it runs well there 😛

  6. Computer Geek [1] opinó:

    PC if you are part of the Rat Race….

  7. Matt [2] opinó:

    PC because we have all been preconditioned to it. There’s safety in sheepdom 🙂

  8. Al Whatmough [3] opinó:

    PC because you can run CAD applications like SolidWorks

  9. Seex opinó:

    PC, macintosh are nice, but that´s all.