Is our money safe in a bank?

Suggested by Pablo: In this time of crisis: Are our savings and investments safe in a bank? Are the banks safe to be trusted with our money at present?

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Yes, our money is safe in a bank

Suggested by Pablo

  1. Al García [9] opinó:

    Yes, it’s safe. There may be a lot of objections but it’s best than keeping if under your pillow…

  2. Ali A [22] opinó:

    Yes it is because of the FDIC insures deposits up to $250,000

    Banks don’t gamble your money they use it as collateral to get money to give as mortgages and loans. Banks are essential to business and economic growth. Keeping your money in a bank is good for the economy.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Yes it is… and if not theres still a thing called deposit insurance 😉

3 reasons for

No, at present our money is not safe in a bank

Suggested by Pablo

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    We can see from the current crisis that it’s not safe. Look at the Bank of Finland

  2. Jonathan Meager [37] opinó:

    only in a swiss bank where they don’t gamble it

  3. christian [1] opinó:

    because a bank can be bankrupt