Adobe Dreamweaver vs. Microsoft Expression Web

Suggested by ropa laboral: Which is for you the best web design software? Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web? Just tell me why…

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4 reasons for

Adobe Dreamweaver

Suggested by ropa laboral

  1. noob opinó:

    Dreamweaver ftw! forever! it’s the most pwnage!

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    It´s a standard and it´s not Microsoft

  3. Lynn opinó:

    In Dreamweaver, when you update a template, all the pages based on that template are updated. Not so with Expression – I just spent all day updating 133 pages when a change was made to the basic page. Also, Expression allows all areas of pages created by templates to be edited, so one small mistake in the code can make the site pages inconsistent. Dreamweaver is much easier to use!

  4. Morris [1] opinó:

    It’s the better product

3 reasons for

Microsoft Expression Web

Suggested by ropa laboral

  1. Brandon opinó:

    Easy to learn, not too complicated.

  2. luthfi [1] opinó:

    easy to learn, and support for

  3. Paul [1] opinó:

    Two words – User interface.
    Adobe Dreamweaver sucks.