Chemical castration

Many people consider sexual abuse one of the worst crimes a person can commit. In these circumstances, it has been proposed by some that such an offender should be punished, normally in addition to a jail term, by castration.
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I’m pro Chemical Castration

  1. James [2] opinó:

    If this is the only way to stop someone from sexually abusing others then great. Losing the ability to have sex is rough, but if you cannot control yourself we need to protect the public. So it should be used for those that cannot control their actions. Something like pedophilia. They are attracted to younger people and a prison sentence is not going to change that.

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I’m against Chemical Castration

  1. Timmy Cheeks [1] opinó:

    In prison child sex offenders often die, it’s possible for someone to not rape again when they get out of prison y o u can’t give one solution for any given problem involving humans because everyone is different