The best CMS. WP or Joomla?

Which one of these two is for you the best CMS? WordPress or Joomla? Why?

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  1. Broker [1] opinó:

    joomla best! because flexible and professional, wp is just for newbies who like to be fake webmaster :), i have tons of reason for use joomla

  2. Andrew Eddie [1] opinó:

    This type of question really annoys me because there is no information on the actual end-user application. What is it going to be used for? WordPress is possibly better if you just want a simple blog. Joomla is better if if you want a high level of control over how to display your content and navigation, and if you want to expand your site to include other things such as a forum, a gallery or a shop. Both are good at what they do best, but does that suit the site you want to use it for? Impossible to say without more information. However, I will say, Joomla can do everything WordPress will do, but WordPress can’t do everything Joomla does. In the SXSW challenge, Joomla clearly came out on top in terms of productivity. However, a simplistic answer to the question is if you want more than a blog, Joomla is the best. If you only want a simple blog, both are good.

  3. Anonymous opinó:


  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Becouse is has more feautures

  5. Al Whatmough [3] opinó:

    Joomla ROCKS!!! its free!!!

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  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Million of plugins. Millions of friendly users. And AMAZING premium themes.. thousands to buy!

  2. lorenzo opinó:

    @Andrew Eddie. WP is better in general terms. Of course there´ll be some specific project in which you´d like to use Joomla but every developer or designer who has worked with WP will say no to Joomla.

    Tell me what things can do Joomla and cannot do WordPress. I´d reply to you with some plugin or with an example.

    WP is poetry 🙂

  3. Anonymous opinó:


  4. I love electric guitar [13] opinó:

    easily the best – having tried both this is the most successful for me

  5. gwyn opinó:

    Hands down the best and I’ve worked with both.